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Thread: Low pressure

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    Default Low pressure

    I purchased a home this year with a Hague whole house filter already installed. We're very unhappy with the pressure (can't run sink and shower at the same time, or shower water disappears!). We had Hague replace the filters for us once, but their prices were ridiculous. I also think they installed filters that didn't allow enough flow.

    We have a 20" sediment filter and a 10" carbon filter--both 4.5" diameter. This is all new to me, but based upon what I've read, I'm thinking I need to pay particular attention to the gpm rating on whatever filters I purchase, and I need to be sure my sediment filter has a higher rating than the carbon filter since the sediment filter comes first in the line (somewhere, I read that you generally don't want a lower rated filter in "front" of a higher rated one).

    Bottom line: I'm looking at the Pentek DBC-10EX2 10" KDF/GAC Big Blue Filter (7gpm, highest I could find) and the Watts 1 Micron Pleated 20" Big Blue Water Filter (25 gpm). Do you think these filters will solve my problems, or do you have other suggestions?

    I'm wide open to advice and suggestions if you can think of other potential remedies. Thanks in advance!
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    I really do not know why people just rush and purchase water filter systems without doing any research on them. You won't have had all these problems if you just took some time to do some research about these water filter systems. I normally read lots of review articles about these product before I buy them.

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