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Thread: Whole House Water Filter: Sump/Cap vs All-in-One

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    May 2007

    Default Whole House Water Filter: Sump/Cap vs All-in-One

    I'm looking to install a whole house water filter and am trying to decide between a sump/cap system (like the 2/3 housing big blue system) or an all-in-one system (like Aquasana EQ-300).

    Here is some information about our water/water requirements:
    - 4 people
    - 2 1/2 bathrooms
    - single story house
    - Municipal water supply - however they get it from wells
    - I have the water report. Not sure what are important numbers.
    Total Trihalomethanes: 17.5ppb average.
    Haloacetic Acids 3.4ppb average.
    TDS is 800 ppm average.
    Alkalinity total CaCO3 equivalents is 293 ppm.
    Hardness total as CaCO3 is 430 ppm. (the water engineer said the hardness is 25 grains - not sure how that translates).
    pH is 7.1 average.
    chloride is 74 ppm average.
    iron is ND.
    sulfates is 273 ppm.
    turbidity 0.2 MTU (monthly).
    Anything else is important?

    - We already have a water softener (some GE brand). And a RO system for drinking/cooking.

    I definitely want to get rid of the clorine color & smell. Getting rid of other chemicals would be great. What do you recommend? I want something effective & don't want to noticeably reduce the flow rate in my house (We like strong shower water pressure.). In the forums, there was a msg that a parallel sump/cap system would have better flow??

    Also, should we install shower filters as well?

    Thanks for your help. Dawn

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    Roxanne is offline Senior Member
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    Wink Cap/Sump vs All-In-One

    Based on the information you've provided the EQ-300 system is going to suit your needs more than a regular sump/cap system. You seem to be very concerned with not loosing flow but also getting out as many contaminants as possible which the EQ-300 will accomplish. Even if you got 20" Big Blue Filtration System, which would provide higher flow rates than a regular 10", the filters you would have to put in them wouldn't give you as good of a flow rate as the EQ-300. And the EQ-300 has the added benefit of only having to change the filters once per year (with the exception of the sediment filter which will run you about $3 and some change).
    Roxanne Crawford


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