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Thread: filtering spring water for sediment

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    Default filtering spring water for sediment

    Dear People. I have a home over seas which gets it's water from a natural spring. At this stage, I am trying to filter small sediments from the water to keep faucets and appliances free of accumulated particulates. The water has been tested and is drinkable as is. I have piped the water into a cement tank holding about 1 cu meter for filtration. The locals use gravel and a natural horse hair like fiber from a palm tree. It is mostly effective, but very difficult to clean and not quite efficient enough for my needs. Removing gravel and dealing with the small pieces of the palm fiber that break off when agitated are a problem.

    What I search for is a material I can put in one large suit case to fly over. It should be light enough to clean by hand and will work via gravity. It can be like loose cotton or it can be a thick cloth. Any thoughts? I have a UV light later in the system as insurance. I am searching as while I have yet to encounter problems with appliances, there is sediment at the bottom of my storage tanks.

    Thanks much,

    Joe D

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    Are there any local sands or clays that could be used at the bottom of the cement holding tank that you are using?

    Would there be a way of reversing the flow of the water to clean or flush off what it filters out?

    Look up multimedia depth filters, there are different grades of sand and gravel that are used to filter the water.


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