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Thread: Culligan HF-360 getting clogged fast

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    Default Culligan HF-360 getting clogged fast

    I recently had a backwashing system installed for a well. I have an acid neutralizer and and a softener. Inbetween the two is a Culligan HF-360. I was told that the Acid Neutralizer would get rid of some of the sediment and that the Culligan unit would do the rest and protect the softener. The problem is that the Culligan cartridge gets clogged up after only two weeks of limited use. When changing out the cartridge, I found it clogged with clay/silt which I had to dig out. Would a different cartridge make a difference or a differently sized canister or would a backwashing unit with chemsorb be a better less maintenance intensive solution?

    I do have another question: can I use a 20" housing (longer) for the Culligan or do I need to install a new unit and will this help to solve my problem?
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    Default Problem with Clogging....


    What is the micron rating of the filter you have in the HF-360? Also, you may want to try a 20" filter housing and filter instead of the HF-360, the increased surface area allows for higher flow rates and it shouldn't get clogged as quickly. (Even if you use the same micron filter just in a 20" version).
    Roxanne Crawford


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