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Thread: Orange County mud

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    I'm with you, PA; if I chlorinate, it will be with the standard, cheaper chlorination unit. Dechlorination seems to usually be done with a charcoal filter; I can put one in the Big Blue canister I have, now; but I don't know if that will remove the haze I'm seeing, that gets through a 0.5 micron filter. If I get into a backwashing unit, it's more money, and cramps the space I have under the house in which to operate. Maybe one step at a time?

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    Just to clarify...a dechlor unit is generally not done with a point of use filter. The flow rates don't work out real well to provide adequate performance. It's usually a softener type tank with a simple in/out port on top filled with carbon. The life span and effectiveness of a filter, even a big blue would not yield satisfactory results in most cases. Just passing along info I've acquired over the years in "the biz".

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