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Thread: What system do I have and how do I fix it

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    Post What system do I have and how do I fix it


    I've recently moved into a home thats on a well, thought it would be great, think it could be, but not sure how to make it so. The water smells terrible, tastes terrible and leaves some type of sand, dirt, etc, in the bottom of a dixie cup. I put one of those PuR filters in the kitchen, still won't drink it, but at least I feel a bit better about using it. Showers stink and don't really leave me feeling refreshed, and washing clothes stinks up half the house. I located a "Housing" unit with valves coming into the house. I looked it up and pretty sure its the
    Pentek 158002 Blue/Black 3/8" Filter Housing (158002) or close to it. I haven't tested the water, wouldn't know what Im testing for. I went to Home Depot, the guy told me to contact a plumber, I don't want to make a fuss, I like the house and the landlord. On the other hand, I should have good clean healthy water without feeling like an imposition.
    Also I live on a hill, the landlord at the top. Can you explain why, when using my sprinkler to water the grass at first I have "ok" pressure then a min later I have very little. Any info at all would be appreciated.
    Thanks a bunch

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    Many state or county laws require the provider of water to a residence to be clear, fresh, safe, and relatively odor free. That being left alone, you may need to address the problem yourself and fund it, likewise.

    The HD guy has the right idea but maybe not the right approach. I would contact a water treatment professional as many plumbers prefer equipment that is cheap and rarely have the appropriate testing equipment.

    It could be that the old filter is fouled and actually creating problems worse than original.

    Brita filters are not usually the best choice outside of city water appliactions where they may reduce the effects of chlorine....which well water doesn't have. It can reduce some odors but does nothing for dissolved solids and many other water issues.

    Make a FUSS! It's your water and you consume it. It never hurts to be demanding with what goes into your body whether it be medicine, nurishment, air, and, especially, water!

    Your pressure drop is normally due to the high/low levels of the pressure in your tank controlled by the pressure switch and pump force. There is a switch that shuts the pump off at, say 60 psi and when it drops to maybe 40 psi, it kicks back in and the sprinkler clearly shows the range.

    I hope this helped a little.
    Andy Christensen, CWS

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    Default Well Water!

    Hi Rollie,

    I'm so sorry to hear that you love your new home but hate the water! I know in the title of your post you asked "what system do I have now" but from what you've described it doesn't sound like you have one at all! I would check with your landlord just to be certain.

    I agree with Andy that the PUR faucet filter you have on your sink isn't going to be of much help. You've got way too much sediment in your water. I'm thinking if I were in your position (you're a renter right?) I would ask the landlord to have --at the very minimum-- a sediment filter installed on the pipe that brings water into the whole house. That will take care of the things like the "sand" in the bottom of the dixie cup. Here are some links that you can show him (so he'll know exactly how much it will cost, so then he'll just have to pay a plumber to go out and install it--or maybe he knows how to install it himself?). PS--if there is as much sediment in your water as you are describing, you're going to need something bigger than the 158002.

    You could try the OB5 Housing with a RS3 filter in it. This would be my minimum recommendation to your landlord.

    What really needs to happen is you need to have your water tested, or buy a test kit yourself and test the water. You can't really solve all the problems unless you know what's causing them. Here are some test kits you may be interested in :


    Hope this helps!
    Roxanne Crawford


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