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Thread: Water system recommendation?

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    Default Water system recommendation?

    We moved into our home about 7 months ago. We are on city water supply, and noticed a strange taste (best described as metallic & chlorine) in the water.
    If you let the tap run for about 30 seconds, the water will taste better (but still not good). We also noticed that when we fill the bathtub, the water has a slight blueish/greenish tint. Having the water tested came back with possible corrosive water, due to the low PH, and first flush copper results.

    The home is 20 yrs old, with copper pipe. Three people live in the house, and we have two bathrooms. On average we use 3900 gallons of water a month and our incoming flow is about 6.8 GPM.

    We're looking for a system that will correct the low PH and will also make the water taste better. If there is any additional info you need, let me know.

    Water test results:
    PH: 5.09
    Conductivity: 43.9
    Alkalinity: < 4
    Acidity: 16.2
    Hardness: 8
    Chloride: 8
    Sulfate: 1
    Nitrate + Nitrite: 09
    Turbidity: 0.25
    TDS: 20
    TON: 0
    Saturation: -5.3 undersaturated
    Copper (first flush): 0.14
    Copper (after flushing): < 0.05
    Arsenic: 0.010
    Lead (first flush): 0.001
    Lead (after flushing): < 0.001
    Iron (total): < 0.05
    Manganese (total): < 0.03
    zinc: 0.09
    Sodium: 0.8
    Potassium: 2.1


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    scottcim is offline Junior Member
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    Just wanted to bump, to see if anyone can help. Thanks!

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    pawaterguy is offline Senior Member
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    It's odd to see a low PH on city water. Generally, its going to be neutral...around my parts anyway. Acid neutralizer followed by a dechlor unit followed by a sediment filter followed by a softener. Get an RO for drinking water and you're all set.

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    We live in an area with very hard water. We do not have a water softener of any kind yet, but are saving up to buy one. We just were given a new front load washer and dryer and new towels and are wanting to start out right, so we are inquiring about a short term solution. Is there a good filtering system we can use just for our washer?
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