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Thread: Problems replacing water filter cartridge

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    Default Problems replacing water filter cartridge

    Hello everyone, this is my first time posting here.

    We have a house water filter that desperately needs to be changed. The type of filter we have can be seen here: http://www.autogeek.net/clinhofianda.html

    The problem is, I can't open up the plastic cover to get to the cartridge. I use the plastic circular wrench, and it won't budge an inch even when I put all of my force into it. I've never changed this filter since I'm new to this house, but the person who used to live here came over to try and even they couldn't get it to budge. It's as if it's fused together. Is there pressure that is keeping it sealed shut? Is there another way to change this filter? I could really use some guidance here..


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    Look for a valve before (and after if it exists) the filter housing...or a built in bypass to turn on top of the housing depending on what you have. Close the valve and depressurize the housing by either pushing any pressure release button on the housing or by opening the kitchen faucet and waiting for the water to stop coming. If it has a built in bypass then just turn that and it should be ok to wrench it from there. They usually depressurize as you turn the knob. The trick is taking the pressure off. If yopu don't you'll probably break a pipe before you get the filter off.


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