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Thread: Help help help !! Culigan whole house depth filter nightmare

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    morevilla is offline Junior Member
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    Sep 2011

    Unhappy Help help help !! Culigan whole house depth filter nightmare

    I need help !! Who might have any knowledge in the matter i would appreciate it if they could share !!

    Water goes in clear and comes out dark !! We changed the sand inside the filter and have been going throgh filter cartridges "fm bb pp 20 1a" like crazy ( everyday almost ) and even had a culigan's "expert" come over and change the pistons on the filter and water still comes out dark !!

    My request is :

    Has anybody have a culligan's whole house depth filter diagram ????? For some reason they do not want to share information and refuse in the nicest ways to spaer a diagram of those filters ... I am capable of studying it and try to figure out what's going on if i know what's inside the systems ..

    Thank you so so much to whom ever may help me on this .. I am about to have a nervous break down !!! Been going through this for the past 4 to 6 weeks !!!

    "desperate housewife"
    {=^.^=} ...

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    pawaterguy is offline Senior Member
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    I googled the filter part number and it appears to just be a pretty standard 20" carbon filter??? Is it plumbed in correctly? IE: It's not plumbed in backwards that it would be unloading carbon into the water or anything odd like that? Describe the water coming out in more detail if possible. Color? Smells? Grit/sediment in it? The more info the better. Also, is this the type of unit you have? http://www.culliganwater.com/industr...filtration.pdf


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