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Thread: pressure no load

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    truckkerjoe is offline Junior Member
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    Default pressure no load

    Hello,Does filter cartridges NEED constant psi to clean?We have a cistern that fills from a well first (no-psi) until well pump kicks-on, Then into bladder tank,I have a 20 big blue 5micron culligan sediment and mainly want to reduce maganses that is [email protected] the bottom,Our softern is after this tank.Any help out there?Thanks and keep on truckkin!!!! IS THIS a FORUM????????? OR NOT??? need some help please!!
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    Alex is offline Senior Member
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    Default Filter pressure

    The filter will not have to have constant pressure to filter. It is normal for the pressure to fluctuate during use.

    When the filter is in the housing, it will 'screen' out the sediemnts or particles that are greater than 5 microns. When the pressure and water stop flowing or is turned off, the water will just sit in the housing. Once the pressure is restored, it will continue to filter as it was before. There will not be any filtration lost when the pressure is restored either.

    There is not a need for constant pressure as long as you do not exceed the MAX pressure rating of the filter which is typically not attainable with standard houshold pressures.

    Hope this helps!

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    truckkerjoe is offline Junior Member
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    Dec 2011


    Thanks Alex!!! When trying to filter Magenese does it need a regenerate backwash to properly filter like a softern or can i place a in-line housing filled with greensand or Birm? I'am trying to save on water or do you think to save my cash? PH 7.34 Hardness 12grms.Thank-you SIR.


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