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Thread: Should you get a Whole House Water Filter? - 10 Important Benefits

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    Default Should you get a Whole House Water Filter? - 10 Important Benefits

    1. Filtered water would be available at every faucet in your entire home.
    2. Chemicals including Chlorine and Chloramine are removed as the water enters your home.
    3. Chlorine is filtered from the tap water used for washing clothes, these chemicals can no longer damage and fade clothing.
    4. Filtering chlorine from the water used in dish-washing prevents chlorine vapors from being emitted into the air and can help dishes come out clear.
    5. Using a whole home water filter improves the taste, odor, and makes the water more beneficial drinking water for your body.
    6. Helps prevent the effects of asthma and allergies by reducing chlorine gas from being released in the air from showering, washing clothes, dishes, and hands.
    7. Whole house water filters eliminate the risk of drinking and showering in contaminated water.
    8. A whole house water filter is a more effective shower filter because chlorine is filtered better at low temperatures before the water is heated while also protecting the water heater.
    9. Inhaling chlorine and other dangerous chemicals is carcinogenic and can lead to health complications and disease. Your shower could be making you sick due to more chlorine that is absorbed by your skin and lungs than what you would absorb by drinking tap water.
    10. Whole Home filters protect you and your family from municipal water treatment and sanitation system failures.

    Recommended filter for your home that will last you the entire year:

    Aqua-Pure AP903 Whole House Filter System

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