I've had problems with my QuickFlo tank:


I took off the modulator and nothing was "stuck"; I reassembled with some silicon grease and still had the same problem; constant draining and no filling. So I replaced it with a standard AOW tank per these installation instructions:


System working fine now, although it will run out of water sooner. Now I'd like to repair the QuickFlo tank and there are several seals, etc., that I need to match up. Here is the top view of the modulator:


with the top half removed:



after twisting off the bottom half with some large channel locks, it seperates from the bladder by loosening the flange:




so there are two valves, one in the top half, one in the bottom half; each valve utilizes a sealing diaphragm and 0-ring:


the diaphragms "look" ok, and I tested the bladder by filling it with water. However, the o-rings are not the same, the top valve appears to use a normal o-ring, while the bottom valve uses

a squared off design, more like a piston seal:


here's where I've stopped. I've read that rebuild kits do exist, but my Kinetic dealer is simply giving me the

standard line, $139 just to come out and look. At this point I'm thinking about soaking the o-ring in some solvent to expand them sightly. I thought perhaps someone on this board might have further

suggestions. Thanks.