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Thread: Input on system recommended by salesperson

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    Default Input on system recommended by salesperson

    I am researching water filtration systems before purchasing and would appreciate any input. A representative of a reputable company in the area came and tested our water, from the kitchen faucet which is after filter for sediment and water softener (11 yrs old). The results: Copper - .75, Hardness - 21 GPG, Iron - 3.0 PPM, Sulfur odor and Manganese no levels given. Also, tested positive for Coliform (3rd time in 11 years). We want to find out the cause of recurrent coliform bacteria and this representative suggested putting a camera down the well, since most times it is a crack at the top of the well. Costs about $200 and sounds like a good idea. The system recommended is CLE Series softner, Impression Series for sulfur and iron and Economy reverse osmosis system at the kitchen sink. All installed would be $3500.

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    Coliform is a large classification for bacteria and is very common. If Coliform was found, you should have a second test to look for the special sub-group of Coliform to test for E. coli or Fecal Coliform to see if there is animal or sewage contamination.

    The system recommended wouldnt help with bacteria, but you will want to know the source of the bacteria before investing in a system.

    A few things to check -

    Check the top of the well and cap. Make sure that it isnt loose and that it is sealed. Also check the grout seal around the well pipe and replace if necessary.

    Be sure that there is adequate water drainage from runoff to prevent standing water around the well.

    Also, the collection process may have contaminated the water sample. Run the water 3-5 minutes before collecting it and prevent touching the hose, aerator screen, or any attachments on the faucet. Do not touch the inside of the bottle or lid.

    A faucet can easily allow bacteria to incubate at the swivel point. This isn't necessarily harmful, but will show in the results. Try to test again using another faucet.
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    I would recommend installing a UV light at the end of the system and just calling it a day. For $1000 or under you can get one installed and the worries of coliform and e-coli are gone. Consider it an insurance policy.


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