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Thread: water filtration for wells

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    Default water filtration for wells

    Hi all new here, i just moved to Jupiter Florida and in the process of going over my well system. Currently i have a green sands filter with a water softner, and salt tank. The water has a distinct sulfur smell and i am starting to see iron staining. I have the tech coming out soon to regenerate and re-bed the system, plus add a carbon filter. Is there anything else i should add to the filtration system? or will that be enough, i am also getting the water tested to see if i have bacteria or not, in which case i was thinking of adding a uv system. Any advice or recommendations?

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    Just joined and saw your post. I live in Rocky Point, NC and have (had) a similar sulfur smell and a very light iron staining. I use a 20" x 4.5" RFC filter and a 20" x 4.5" Aries kdf 85 filter (in that sequence) and the smell and staining are eliminated. Prior to that, I used an outrageously priced culligan system that required gallons of bleach, and eventually failed; its replacement would have been > $2,500. Filters are a helluva lot cheaper and work just as good or better, and I think healthier.


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