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Thread: Sulfur Smell

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    AREwing is offline Junior Member
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    Default Sulfur Smell

    We live in Delaware near the beach, and our well water, like most in this area has the sulfer (rotten egg smell). Water company we spoke with already recommends water softener, carbon filter and chlorine injection. Thousands of dollars, plus I would rather not have chlorine. Since the filter in our refrigerator removes the odor as far as that water and the ice is concerned, albeit only about four months and not the six you would normally get; I was going to install a whole house filter and use the carbon duel purpose filter thinking it would help with the odor and even if we replace the filter every month I would be happy. Am I just hoping for an inexpensive fix and basically wasting my time and money?

    Second question? The filter housing is for 3/4"pipe, and where it will be installed, my plastic pipe is 1". Is it ok to simply reduce going in and out? If my memory is correct, the last time I installed a whole house filter it actually came with fittings for both 3/4" and 1".

    Of course, if answer to question 1 is I'm wasting my time and money; no real need to answer question 2.

    Thank you in advance for your time.

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    Andy CWS is offline Moderator
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    Sulfur is a whole different animal!!!

    It is mercurial; it comes and goes and intensifies and diminishes due to numerous factors such as the season of the year, amount of rain fall, atmospheric pressure, water use and many other factors.

    Do not attempt to rectify the problem with ANY in-line filter. You already have experience whereby the fridge fails and that is using relatively very little water compared to washing, laundry, showers, toilets, and so on, even when comparing the actual amount of carbon in relation to the number of gallons it would be treating.

    Have you had the water test and what ppm reading was given. The best time to test the water is by letting the water run for a few minutes and taking a sample and testing on-site. Sulfur is a gas and dissipates quickly.

    Chlorination systems have some good points. I prefer using hydrogen peroxide as a chemical-feed solution. There are some very good backwashing systems that will last for years with excellent results which require minimum babysitting.

    Sulfur is best treated through an oxidation system. There are also aeration and catalyst systems as well. I know that price may be an issue so consider value over price and you will always choose a quality system.

    I believe you will be frustrated by the cartridge type filter.

    Andy Christensen, CWS
    [email protected]

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    AREwing is offline Junior Member
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    Jan 2008

    Default sulfur odor

    Thanks for your timely response, I can now return the filter I have. We did have the water tested shortly after the house was built by a water conditioning company, but I no longer have the results. I believe I will begin by having the water tested again, now that we are living in the house. Most of your points I suppose we already knew but needed to hear it from someone else. Ex. In our old home, we had the galvanized tank which required compressed air to be added. No odor. Our new home uses the bladder tank, odor. Example of aeration you mentioned. Odor was much worse when we were only using home on weekends. Improved now that we are full time, just like you indicated, changes due to many factors. I guess we either correct the problem in the right way or put up with the odor, no simple fix. Thanks again.


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