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Thread: Whole house filter suggestions

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    Default Whole house filter suggestions

    I have a well which was dug 8 years ago. When we bulit our home, the contractor said the water was just muddy from being a new well and that it should clear up soon. Eight years later, it has not cleared up. I have tried the blue omni filters with various cartridges and now have a filter that has a permanent cartridge that you flush out manually. This filter stops up frequently. I think you would have to flush it 10 times a day to keep it clear. I have used a home water test kit with results as follows:

    pH-5, iron-0.3, copper-0, nitrate-0

    My trouble is sediment in the water and the filter I have is not doing the job. It gets caked up with red mud and sediment. I would like some reccomendations on what type of filter I need. We cannot wash white clothes and keep them white, if a load of clothes is washed and not immediately put into the dryer they smell horrible and have to be washed again, the inside of the dishwasher is brown, the toilets have rings in the bowls and the back tank is a reddish black color. You can see the sediment in the bottom of the toilet tanks. The bathtubs fill up with muddy water very often. I probably don't want to know what the inside of the hot water heater looks like... Thanks for any help!

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    You need a backwashed (turbidity) filter instead of cartridge or other types but... your pH is very acidic and will be eating holes in copper tubing and adding copper to your water.

    You should decide if you want to be a DIYer and buy online and install equipment yourself or depend on a local water treatment dealer.

    The black may be IRB (iron reducing bacteria) and if so you need to kill it.

    You need a water analysis for Coliform bacteria, hardness, TDS (total dissolved solids), Nitrates and Nitrites at least.


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