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Thread: House on Santa Fe River near Gainesville FL

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    Default House on Santa Fe River near Gainesville FL

    We have iron and sulphur in the well, and when water stands in the pipes a few days, a strong brown color occurs for a few seconds (iron bacteria?) I find great improvement when the water is run everyday because the garden is being watered. Our tenant is suggesting the Whirlpool WEHLJ1, but your forums discourage maintenance free filters.--Larry

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    What do you mean by "maintenance free" filters, what type of filter is that?

    To remove H2S gas and iron, you need to oxidize them and then remove the oxides created by the oxidation; IOWs clarify the water by removing the discoloration it causes.

    You must kill all types of reducing bacteria, you can not filter them. You use a disinfctent to do that and all disinfectants will also oxidize the H2S and iron etc..

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    Default Have you tested?


    Have you tested your water? Most of the time it helps to know exactly what the problem is before you go out and spend a lot of money on filtration. We sell several test kits that are inexpensive and give you fast results. Here are some links to them below:

    Well Wate Check

    Bacteria Test Kit

    Complete Test Kit
    Roxanne Crawford


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