I have a huge water problem I need help with. Long story but here's the facts:

We have been building a house for last 2yrs. Well was dug about a year ago. When drilled they couldn't get clear water (20gpm flow though). 400 ft. well, steel cased 300 ft. We have about 160 ft. water head in well. Pump is about 140 ft. from bottom.

Local water store (we're pretty rural) told well guy they could put backwash filter on to clear water. Well's been sitting since them with infrequent usage while construction underway.

We are now moving in. We have a kinetico water softener setup with a prefilter. Mud doesn't seem to be the problem but Iron. Some days water is pretty clear, others it's bright orange. Test out at over 4ppm. (turns pink on test?) We have a 1 micron filter on the prestage but it goes right through. Usually in morning its pretty good then degrades with more usage.

Water store guy thinks iron is settling when at rest so water is pretty good initially, then when pump starts drawing and stirring up we get more of the gunk at the bottom. Thinks if we keep running it will clear up.

Any ideas on what could take out this iron that is getting through a submicon filter.