Frigidaire WF1CB PureSource Water Filter - RG-100

Frigidaire WF1CB PureSource Water Filter - RG-100
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The Frigidaire WF1CB filter replaces the following models:

  • 46-9906, 46-9910
  • FRRF-100, WF1CB, WF284, WFCB, WSF-1, WSF-4
  • 04609906000, 04609910000
  • 218657600, 218657701, 218710901, 218710902, 218717805, 218732306, 218904501, 218904602, 218907800, 218994101, 240389101
  • 46-9906P, 46-9910P, 4609906000, 4609910000, 469906, 469906P, 469910, 469910P
  • 5303917752, 5303917836, 5303917937, 5303918017
  • 9906, 9906P, 9910, 9910P
  • AP2539088, AP2591529
  • FRRF100
  • NGRG-100, NGRG-2000, NGRG100
  • PS503619, PS503627, PS890550, PS898866
  • RC-101, RC-200, RC-900, RC101, RC200, RC900, RF-200
  • WF-284, WFB

The Frigidaire Puresource water filter fits the following refrigerator models:

  • FRS23KR4A
  • FRS23R4A
  • FRS26R2A
  • FRS26R4A
  • FRS26HR4A
  • MRSR25V4A
  • MRSR25X8A
  • FRS23R3A
  • FRS26KR4A
  • FRS26R3A
  • FRS26RBB
  • MRSR25V5A
  • MRSZ28X8A

The Frigidaire WF1CB PureSource Water Filter - RG-100 fits all Puresource equipped refrigerators made after April 2001. This Frigidaire refrigerator filter replaces part numbers WF1CB, RG-100, RG100, RF100, RF-100, RC-100, RC100, NGRG 2000, NGRG2000, 240394501, 240389102 and Kenmore 46-9910.

The WF1CB replacement filter meets NSF/ANSI standard 42 for the reduction of 96.50% of Chlorine Class I and 98.30% of Particulates Class III, as well as cysts, turbidity, lead, herbicides, alachlor, atrazine, lindane, and toxaphene. You should replace your Pure Source filter every six months or if your water has a bad taste or odor.

Frigidaire WF1CB Water Filter specifications:

  • Part number WF1CB
  • Improves taste and odor
  • Dimensions: 4.4" L x 2.1" W x 2.1" H
  • Fits all PureSource equipped refrigerators produced after April 2001
  • Reduces chlorine, cysts, turbidity, lead, herbicides, alachlor, atraxine, lindane, and toxaphene


Frigidaire WF1CB PureSource Water Filter - RG-100 Product Reviews :

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  •   Great filter.
    Yogesh - Lewis Center OH   (Tuesday, November 11, 2008)

    We have been using this for the past 4 years, love it and. Love the website and its features. I only wish They had reorder button next to my previous orders.

  •   Excellent water filter for kenmore refrig!
    Jessica Davis - Grundy VA   (Thursday, January 24, 2008)

    Repeat customer for 3 years!
    Best price on the net and fast shipping! Pure Source filters improve the taste of my water without a doubt!
    Will continue to purchase from this outstanding website.

  •   filter for kenmore ref.
    mark - SLC, Utah   (Wednesday, May 30, 2007)

    the first place i called for a replacement filter was sears. their prices and especially their shipping costs seemed too high, so i checked on the internet. i'm glad i did. i didn't find a better delivered price than filtersfast and they WERE fast.

  •   i wish i found this website sooner
    brian hommers - NEW YORK NY   (Friday, February 23, 2007)

    this is a great product and a great company what more can i ask for thanks again

  •   RG-100 water filter
    Joanne Smith - Tucker, GA   (Friday, October 20, 2006)

    I purchased a RG-100 water filter from Great price - excellent delivery time and the filter was so easy to install. Good savings with shipping for ordering 3 at a time also.

  •   Great service!!
    Gail - Michigan   (Friday, October 06, 2006)

    First time customer ordered the filters on Tuesday and received them on Thursday! Also best price around-
    Thank you!!

  •   RG-100 water filter
    Mark - Ohio   (Sunday, April 30, 2006)

    Best price around, and the delivery was speedy. Shipping very fair as well.No need to look elsewhere for your filter.

  •   AWESOME! RG100
    getsteppin - Arkansas, U.S.A   (Sunday, February 05, 2006)

    No complaints here in NW Arkansas!
    Iam glad my wife bought this Frigidaire refr. with the PurSource system 10 monthes ago & its been great not having to 'grimace' at drinking the tap water here. Iam ordering replacements from from now on as of today. After reading the reviews, I am ordering a couple at a time. The taste is beginning to deteriorate, time to change it out.
    It really does a great job for such a small unit..makes coffee 'Reach out and Grab Ya!' tasting. And just to drink it straight there is no after taste, just clear, clean, water.
    Thanks for a Great Product.

  •   RG-100 Filter
    Sam - Arkansas   (Monday, January 09, 2006)

    Works for me. It lasted 5 months, but the used filter looked clean, as our water here in Little Rock is drinkable, except for the smell of chlorine which this filter was able to help eliminate.... as such, crisp, tasting drinking water for the whole family.

  •   WF1CB
    R - N.Y.   (Wednesday, August 31, 2005)

    Best price found & no exorbitant shipping rates like many other merchants charge in order to make up for lower price of item. Easy online transaction. So far, so good but I just ordered it and I am waiting for shipment. No need for bottled water, this filter truly works!!!

  •   Filter
    bobert - new york   (Monday, June 20, 2005)

    I just replaced my filter after the recommended 6 months also as indicated by the filter monitor on my refrigerator. The old filter was a light brown from the material it filtered out of our pristine water in this part of the state. It really works well, no odors, no tastes. I am sold on the 6-month intervals, too.

  •   Pure source water filters
    Augustus Richardson - Charleston S.C.   (Friday, January 28, 2005)

    I truly enjoy using the pure source filters it improves the taste of my water. no need to buy bottle water with the puresource water filter.. once every six months.......

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