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3US-PF01 - 3M Filtrete 3US-PF01 Filter Replacement Cartridge
Average rating : 4 Star Rating
Number of reviews : 9
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5 Star Rating  Great Service
Kat - CA  

I've just received my second order from Fast Filters and I so appreciate the service as well as the quality of the filter that I have set up auto delivery!

4 Star Rating  Longer life alternatives
Martin - UK  

If you have high sediments in the water these can cause short life on the very fine (0.5 micron) carbon block - longer life can be obtained by using the higher micron rated filter - same taste just lose the cyst protection or if you want the cyst protection consider using a prefilter in front

4 Star Rating  3M 3US-PF01
Mr. Von - Canada  

We are on a well water system that has a high iron content so twice a year we use hydrogen peroxide in the well and have an iron filter on the main line and this 3M filter on the kitchen faucet. We do get some sediment in the water on the unfiltered faucets but this filtered line effectively provides clean, good tasting water. The filter lasts us about 6 - 7 months. These units do cost more than some other brands, but I like how easy it is to change these filers with minimal water spillage plus the fact they remove parasitic cysts is a bonus.

3 Star Rating  3US-PF01
gravelcords - Federal Way, WA  

I'd give it 5 stars for performance, and two for filter life, so it averages to three. The restricted flow is a PITA as far as I'm concerned larger inlet and outlet hoses would help here. I get about the same life as Partain 5-6 weeks before it drops to an unacceptable flow rate. Our water is better than average on sediment here, so I'm not sure why it drops so quickly. But the better taste and smell keep me buying these things.

5 Star Rating  3us-pf01
Casey - Dayton, Ohio  

I live in a condo with just my wife. The water tasted like chlorine from city water supply. The filter has lasted 9 months so far with no change in taste or water flow. The filter reduces the water flow about 20% for us, but it's fine. We had professional install with copper tube under the sink that cost about $100.00.

5 Star Rating  3US-PF01
scot - north little rock, ar  

Great filter - We use 2 of these on different sinks we drink from. Lasts us almost 6 months in the kitchen, even longer upstairs (usually about 9 months). Those times will vary with your local water. Here we are blessed with very good drinking water. Just remember any filter that has as small a micron rating as this does will clog faster than other filters, but think of all the nasty stuff it is taking out of that water. If it does not last very long for you, I would request a water quality report from your water company (they are required by law to give it to you). It is a real eye opener, if you have bad water, band together with others in your community to change things :)

3 Star Rating  review
jim - massachusetts  

we have alot of nasty tasting iron in our water and the filter completely clears it up BUT I have bought and used 5 filters in 7 months. for us, the effective life is about 1 month, after which the flow becomes too weak.

4 Star Rating  3US-PF01
Arsea - Signal Mountain, TN  

Very satisfied with product. Water taste is good. Flow and taste good up to about 5-1/2 months.

3 Star Rating  3US-PF01
Partain - Athens, TX  

Have no problem with water from the filter taste, quality wise, but I do believe 3M out to revise their time frame for replacement. Now I realize that my water could be dirty, but no more than probably anyone elses. Yet I can't get 5 weeks of use out of it without accepting a small speen (?) of water..... less than the size of a pencil and very restricted flow.

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" I just received my filters - thank you for the excellent work that you guys do! I'm a very happy customer. " - Mike, San Marcos, TX
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