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American Metal Filter RHF0438 Replacement For GE WB06X10288


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Retail: $18.99
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The American Metal Filter RHF0438 is the compatible replacement for the GE WB06X10288 microwave oven grease filter. The American Metal Filter RHF0438 works with many GE and Hotpoint XL1800 series microwaves featuring over the range (OTR) hoods, as well as some GE ranges (see full list below). This oven hood filter features a durrable aluminum mesh construction for a long life.

American Metal Filter RHF0438 Specifications:

  • Part Number: RHF0438
  • Replaces Part number: WB06X10288
  • Aluminum grease filter
  • Also known as the WB6X10288
  • Dimensions: 13"x4-5/8"x3/16"

Please ensure the above dimensions match your existing filter before purchasing this oven filter. Also make sure your microwave does not require two filters, as some do.

The American Metal Filter RHF0438 compatible works with the following GE microwave or oven models:

  • CVM2072SM1SS
  • JVM1840AD001, JVM1840BD001, JVM1840BD002, JVM1840CD001, JVM1840CD002, JVM1840WD001
  • JVM1841CD001, JVM1841BD001, JVM1841CD002, JVM1841WD001, JVM1841WD002
  • JVM1842BD001, JVM1842BD002, JVM1842BF001, JVM1842CD001, JVM1842CD002, JVM1842CF001, JVM1842WD001, JVM1842WD002, JVM1842WF001
  • JVM1850SH01, JVM1850BD001, JVM1850CD002 , JVM1850BD002, JVM1850CF001, JVM1850BF, JVM1850CH, JVM1850BF001, JVM1850CH01, JVM1850BH, JVM1850CH02, JVM1850BH01, JVM1850CH03, JVM1850BH02, JVM1850CH04, JVM1850BH03, JVM1850CH05, JVM1850BH04, JVM1850CH06, JVM1850BH05, JVM1850SH, JVM1850CD001, JVM1850SH02, JVM1850SH03, JVM1850WH04, JVM1850SH04, JVM1850WH05, JVM1850SH05, JVM1850WH06, JVM1850SH06, JVM1850WD001, JVM1850WD002, JVM1850WF, JVM1850WH, JVM1850WF001, JVM1850WH01, JVM1850WH02, JVM1850WH03, JVM1860BD001
  • RCA JVM1850bd
  • JVM1851BD001, JVM1851BD002, JVM1851CD001, JVM1851CD002, JVM1851CF001, JVM1851WD001, JVM1851WD002, JVM1851WF001
  • JVM1860WF02 JVM1860BD002 JVM1860BF001 JVM1860CD001 JVM1860CD002 JVM1860CF001 JVM1860SD001 JVM1860SD002 JVM1860SF001 JVM1860WD001 JVM1860WD002 JVM1860WF001
  • JVM1861BD001, JVM1861BD002, JVM1861BF001, JVM1861CD001, JVM1861CD002, JVM1861CF001, JVM1861SD001, JVM1861SD002, JVM1861SF001, JVM1861WD001, JVM1861WD002, JVM1861WF001
  • JVM1870CF05, JVM1870WF03, JVM1870BF, JVM1870CF06, JVM1870WF04, JVM1870BF001, JVM1870SF, JVM1870WF05, JVM1870BF02, JVM1870SF001, JVM1870WF06, JVM1870BF03, JVM1870SF02, JVM1870BF04, JVM1870SF03, JVM1870BF05, JVM1870SF04, JVM1870CF, JVM1870SK, JVM1870CF001, JVM1870SK01, JVM1870CF02, JVM1870WF, JVM1870CF03, JVM1870WF001, JVM1870CF04, JVM1870WF02, JVM2050BH
  • JVM1871SH, JVM1871SH001, JVM1871SH02, JVM1871SH03, JVM1871SH04, JVM1871SK, JVM1871SK01, JVM1871SK03
  • JVM2050BH001, JVM2050BH01, JVM2050BH02, JVM2050BH03, JVM2050CH, JVM2050CH001, JVM2050CH01, JVM2050CH02, JVM2050CH03, JVM2050SJ, JVM2050SJ01, JVM2050SJ02, JVM2050SJ03, JVM2050SJ04, JVM2050WH, JVM2050WH01, JVM2050WH02, JVM2050WH001, JVM2050WH03
  • JVM2070CH01, JVM2070CH02, JVM2070SH, JVM2070SH001, JVM2070SH02, JVM2070SK, JVM2070SK01, JVM2070WH, JVM2070BH001, JVM2070WH001, JVM2070BH002, JVM2070WH01, JVM2070CH, JVM2070WH02, JVM2070CH001, PVM2070SM1SS
  • JVM3660BF001, JVM3660CD001, JVM3660CF001, JVM3660SD001, JVM3660WD001, JVM3660WF001, JVM3660SF001, JVM3660BD001
  • JVM3670BF05, JVM3670BF06, JVM3670CF, JVM3670CF001, JVM3670CF02, JVM3670CF03, JVM3670CF04, JVM3670BF, JVM3670CF05, JVM3670BF001, JVM3670CF06, JVM3670BF02, JVM3670SF, JVM3670BF03, JVM3670SF001, JVM3670SF02, JVM3670BF04, JVM3670SF03, JVM3670SK02, JVM3670WF02, JVM3670WF05, JVM3670SF04, JVM3670WF, JVM3670WF03, JVM3670WF06, JVM3670SK, JVM3670WF001, JVM3670WF04, JVM3670SK01


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