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GE WP85X10004 Zoneline Air Conditioner Filter


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Retail: $34.99
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This GE Zoneline Air Conditioner Filter (GE WP85X10004) is a slide in replacement AC filter that removes many contaminants in your air including dust, pollen, hair, pet dander, mold spores, and more. It is used in numerous General Electric Zoneline window air conditioner units which use a single slide in filter including the following:

  • General Electric Zoneline AZ25E07D2BM1
  • General Electric Zoneline AZ25E07D2CM1
  • General Electric Zoneline AZ25E07D2PM1
  • General Electric Zoneline AZ25E07D3BM1
  • General Electric Zoneline AZ25E07D3CM1

The dimensions of this GE AC filter replacement are approximately 9 1/2" wide x 15 1/2" long. At the handle it is about 16 7/16" long.

This GE air conditioner filter should be replaced every 6-12 months depending on how much the air conditioner is used. Between changes this GE A/C filter can be hand cleaned to extend its filter life. Frequently cleaning and changing this GE Zoneline air filter makes your air conditioner unit more efficient and lowers energy costs.

This is a genuine GE Zoneline air conditioner replacement filter also known by part number WP85X10004.

Compatible Models:

The GE WP85X10004 Zoneline Air Conditioner Filter is correct replacement for the following model numbers:

BrandModel NumberDescription
GEAZ25E07D2BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E07D2CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E07D2PM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E07D3BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E07D3CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E07D3PM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E07E3BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E07E3CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E07E3PM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E07E4BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E07E4CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E07E4PM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E09D2BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E09D2CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E09D2PM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E09D3BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E09D3CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E09D3PM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E09D5BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E09D5CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E09E2PM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E09E3BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E09E3CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E09E3PM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E09E4BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E09E4CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E09E4PM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E09E5BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E09E5CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E12D2BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E12D2CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E12D2PM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E12D3BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E12D3CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E12D3PM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E12D5BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E12D5CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E12E2BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E12E3BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E12E3CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E12E3PM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E12E4BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E12E4CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E12E4PM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E12E5BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E12E5CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E15D2BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E15D2CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E15D3BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E15D3CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E15D5BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E15D5CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E15E3CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E15E4CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E15E5BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ25E15E5CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H07D2BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H07D2CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H07D2DM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H07D3BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H07D3CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H07D3DM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H07E3BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H07E3CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H07E3DM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H07E4BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H07E4CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H07E4DM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H09D2BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H09D2CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H09D2DM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H09D3BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H09D3CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H09D3DM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H09D5BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H09D5CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H09D5DM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H09E3BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H09E3CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H09E3DM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H09E4BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H09E4CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H09E4DM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H09E5BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H09E5CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H09E5DM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H12D2BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H12D2CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H12D2DM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H12D3BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H12D3CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H12D3DM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H12D5BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H12D5CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H12D5DM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H12E3BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H12E3CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H12E3DM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H12E4BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H12E4CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H12E4DM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H12E5BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H12E5CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H12E5DM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H15D2BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H15D2CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H15D2DM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H15D3BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H15D3CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H15D3DM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H15D5BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H15D5CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H15D5DM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H15E3BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H15E3CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H15E3DM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H15E4BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H15E4CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H15E4DM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H15E5BM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H15E5CM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ35H15E5DM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ55H07DABM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ55H07DADM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ55H07EABM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ55H07EADM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ55H09DABM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ55H09DADM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ55H09EABM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ55H09EADM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ55H12DABM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ55H12DADM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ55H12EABM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ55H12EADM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ55H15DABM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ55H15DADM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ55H15EABM1Air Conditioner
GEAZ55H15EADM1Air Conditioner
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