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Hydrotech Water Softener System CAB5600CC-1035-100


Hydrotech Water Softener System CAB5600CC-1035-100
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The CAB5600CC-1035-100 is the correct water softener system for:

  • Hydrotech 5600 Cabinet Clock Valve Water Softener Model

The Hydrotech Water Softener System CAB5600CC-1035-100 is a cabinet water softener clock control valve for the Hydrotech 5600 meter. The Hydrotech water softening system can be programmed to operate with the appropriate settings on the 24-hour timer and 12 day timer control. This controled clock water softener is set by aligning the number of people with the grains of hardness on the program wheel. When your water softener regenerates, the resin is automatically recharged by passing a brine solution (salt water) through it. This will reverse the ion exchange process by charging the resin with sodium and releasing the hardness minerals. The hardness minerals and brine solution are flushed away through the drain line of the Hydrotech Cabinet Water Softener, followed by a rapid rinse. The resin bed is ready to soften your water.

Hard water enters your home through the main supply line. It then enters your water softener and passes through a bed of ion exchange resin that softens and filters your water. The ion exchange process occurs when the resin beads capture and hold calcium, magnesium and hardness contaminants, as the water takes on sodium ions. The soft water will then flow up your household water supply line.

Hydrotech CAB5600CC-1035-100 Water Softener System specifications:

  • Service Flow Rate: 10 gpm
  • Backwash Flow Rate: 2.4 gpm
  • Resin Volume: 1.0 cubic feet
  • Mineral Tank Size: 10" x 35"
  • Brine Tank Size: 21" x 13" x 44"
  • Brine Tank Salt Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Operating pressure range: 20 to 120 psi (1.37 to 8.27 bar)

The correct amount of water returns to the brine tank to dissolve enough salt for the next regeneration process.
Be sure to occasionally clean your water softener with mild soap solution. Avoid using ammonia, abrasive cleaners or other solvents. Do no subject your water softening system to temperatures above 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius) or freezing temperatures.


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