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Hydrotech Water Softener System CAB5600MI-835-75


Hydrotech Water Softener System CAB5600MI-835-75
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The Hydrotech CAB5600MI-835-75 has the following features:

  • Metering System
  • Durable Cabinet Model
  • Fleck Control valves

The Hydrotech Water Softener System Cabinet is a water softening system that helps soften your water making it a much better quality. Natural water can be hard due to the presence of dissovled calcium and magnesium. This can cause scale formation in pipes and adverse effects on your skin, hair and clothing.

The Hydrotech water softening system features a Fleck 5600 water valve, the fiber reinforced polymer valve with electronic controls improves flow and efficiency of your system.

The Fleck 5600 control valve also features a money saving metering system that only regenerates when needed. This metered system will give you water savings of up to 50% over a calendar clock model. The manufacturer offers a 5 year warranty on the Fleck 5600 Water Valve as well as a 10 year warranty on the water softener system cabinet. 

Hydrotech CAB5600MI-835-75 Specifications:

  • Tank Size: 8" Diameter x 35" High Fiberglass Mineral Tank with 2.5" Top hole
  • Cabinet Size: 21x13x44 inches
  • Cabinet Salt Capacity: 315 lbs
  • Model #: CAB5600MI-835-75

The Hydrotech 5600 water softener will not only soften your water, it will have a significant effect on your laudry, pipes, dishes, and wallet. Clothes will last longer and come out brighter, dishes will be free of streaks and spots, pipes will be free of lime scale and your skin and hair will feel clean and fresh thanks to the Hydrotech water softener 5600.


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