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Whirlpool 4317943 Ice-Maker Replacement Kit RIM943


Whirlpool 4317943 Ice-Maker Replacement Kit RIM943
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Ships by Tomorrow 4/1/2015

The Supco RIM943 is a compatible replacement kit for the following models:

The Whirlpool 4317943 Ice-Maker Replacement Kit RIM943 is a compatible ice maker kit made to directly replace the Whirlpool 4317943 icemaker service kit and other refrigerator icemakers from Whirlpool. This replacement icemaker can also replaces the following models: Amana D7824706Q, Maytag 61005508, Maytag IC4Q and Sub-Zero 4201760. The compatible Whirlpool icemaker kit will also fit some Roper, Kitchenaid, Amana, and Kenmore refrigerators. The RIM943 is not compatible with GE and/or Hotpoint refrigerators.

Whirlpool 4317943 Ice-Maker Replacement Kit RIM943 specifications:

  • Part number RIM943
  • Does not fit GE or Hotpoint refrigerator models
  • Compatible replacement for the Whirlpool 4317943
  • Includes icemaker cover, lever arm, and 4 harnesses

This Supco direct icemaker replacement kit includes an icemaker cover, lever arm, and four (4) harnesses. The Supco RIM943 replacement icemaker is a direct plug-in icemaker, though it can also be used in pre-wired Whirlpool refrigerator icemakers and installs using the existing wiring and plumbing.


Whirlpool 4317943 Ice-Maker Replacement Kit RIM943 Product Reviews :

Average rating :
Number of reviews : 13
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  •   RIM943
    Steve J MacGregor - Illinois  

    received my RIM943. Attached the wires,
    leveled it and within two hours had ice.
    Was so simple, that it was mind boggling.
    No stress, No worry. used same wires
    already in fridge and same holes.
    cutting out waterway was simple.
    What more could you ask for?????

  •   RIM 943 replacement kit
    Fred - Mexico Beach, Fl  

    Ordered the replacement icemaker after reading the reviews. Arrived in 4-5 days. Was apprehensive about the installation. Had to cut out the water fill slot as others mentioned. ONLY problem I had was getting the old icemaker unplugged. It was hardwired in the Whirlpool side by side. When I finally got the old unit unplugged and the new unit plugged in,all the screw holes lined up perfectly and the installation was a breeze.

  •   Success!!
    Johnny - Spirit Lake, IA  

    Knowing me I was afraid I would do something wrong and have a mess & problems. That was not the case, unit installed easily especially with the tips I learned from reading these reviews. I got a great ice maker and saved a bundle doing it myself. I am proud and happy.

  •   Ice Maker
    Shawn - Fort Woth,  

    called on this model , ordered it,installed it , and it works like the one that came with my kitchenaid . Can not ask for BETTER !!! 5 STARES !!!

  •   ice maker
    doug - ohio  

    The heater in my Whirlpool ice maker burned up. I ordered this unit for 1/2 the price of anything available locally, including shipping. Easy bolt in installation. Made ice one hour after installed. Didn't need to adjust anything. EXCELLENT VALUE!!!!!

  •   very pleased
    Don B - Adairsville Ga  

    I called the 800 number before ordering and the customer service rep was very friendly and very helpful. The Ice maker is almost an exact match for the old one in my whirlpool side by side. It was easy to install and started making Ice within an hour. The wiring harness in my fridge is hard wired but it fit perfect in the new maker. The only problem with the installation was cutting out the notch for the water. It's made of very thin plastic and not notched out enough to just pop out, I had to cut it out with a wire cutter. The unit came with 3 different wiring harnesses and a shut off wire that was different from the one on my unit so I used the original.

  •   Great Bargain!
    Bob - Ann Arbor  

    Easy install, but needs time to get cold before making first batch (duh!). Then it works like a champ. The install will give you an excuse to clean out the freezer - since it probably needs it. Might want to clean out the defroster drain line while you are at it.

  •   ice maker
    Anna - Wyomissing, PA  

    Very easy to replace my ice maker with this new one. I did have to use a knife to cut out the notch for the water to fill the tray. Otherwise,no problem and I had ice within hours. Great bargain.

  •   ice maker
    leo - los angeles,Ca.  

    very simple loosen-up rail remove 3 srews unplug icemaker conector do reverse procedure.
    there was aminor problem (water no filling) add water manually to tray after the first tray works normally,think thermostat have to get to temperature or the whole system have to get to certain temperature.'if does not work inmediately add water to tray then it will work'.

  •   quick & easy
    Tony - Pickerington, OH  

    This was a simple drop in replacement in our Kitchenaid refrigerator/freezer. One thing I had to do was use a utility knife to cut out the notch where the fill tube is to protrude. Other than that, it was a simple matter of backing out 2 screws and removing a 3rd. Making ice within a few hours.

  •   Ice Maker
    Brad - Greeley, CO  

    I researched that this aftermarket product was correct for my Whirlpool. Very simple. Remove 3 screws, unplug the old one and replace with this one. A simple plug and play. Had Ice within 45 minutes. Took less than 10 minutes to replace my old one!

  •   Ohh...soo EZ
    Cletus - Dutch Country  

    Due to the advancing age of our Kenmore/Whirlpool frig., we choose this universal replacement when the motor went bad on the OEM unit. While this unit initialy did not appear to have cube size adjustment... it does and if that's important all one need to do is use an original cover/knob from an OEM unit. We're now back to making ice from scratch just like the Amish.

  •   ice maker
    Ken - Hampton,VA  

    Great bargain. The gear in my old Whirlpool ice maker went bad.Had to buy a replacement module.Bought this one and it was easy to install.Plugged it to the old electrical connection.One week later it is still making beautiful ice.

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