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Buyer's Guide: How to Buy A Shower Water Filter

In This Buyer's Guide:
  1. Why Should You Buy a Shower Water Filter?
  2. What Contaminants Do Shower Water Filters Reduce/Remove?
  3. More About Shower Filter Media Technology
    1. Carbon/Charcoal
    2. Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF)
    3. Chlorgon
    4. Crystalline Quartz
  4. Shower Filter Brands/Types
    1. Sprite Shower Filters
    2. AquaPure
    3. Rainshow'r
    4. Culligan

Why Should You Buy a Shower Water Filter?

There are many advantages to owning a shower water filter. Since most municipal water is treated with chlorine, the environment of a shower can be detrimental to one's health if the water is not filtered. This is especially true when the shower is hot, as the steam contains chlorine in vapor form. This chlorine is breathed in and absorbed through the skin, which is the body's largest organ. Over time, daily exposure to chlorine can cause respiratory illness, asthma, and even certain types of cancer. Chlorine may also dry out your skin and hair; a shower water filter can soften the texture of skin and hair that has been consistently exposed to chlorine in the past. (For more information on the benefits of using a shower filter, see our article, "The Advantages of Shower Water Filters.")

What Contaminants Do Shower Water Filters Reduce/Remove?

Chlorine is the major concern for people who are in the market for a shower water filter. However, shower filters utilize various filter media to reduce other harmful contaminants such as: chloramines (which many water treatment plants are now using as a disinfectant alternative to chlorine), VOCs, scale, rust, sediment, iron oxide and hydrogen sulfide.

More About Shower Filter Media Technology

Shower filters may use one or a combination of two or more of the following types of filtration technology:


Carbon filters remove chlorine, chloramines, VOCs and other synthetic chemicals often used in water disinfection, by the process of carbon adsorption, in which the chemicals stick to activated carbon. These are the most comprehensive shower filters, but since the adsorption process requires a lot of surface area, they are typically larger than other filters. Moreover, carbon filters are typically made for use with cold water (i.e. drinking water) and will not be as effective in a hot shower.

Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF)

KDF is an oxidation-reduction media made from copper and zinc. KDF shower filters work electrochemically, converting chlorine into soluble calcium chloride, which is harmless. However, KDF alone will not remove chlorine or VOCs and is often combined with Chlorgon filter technology.


Chlorgon was specially developed and patented by Sprite Industries, and is only found in Sprite shower filters. It is made to work more efficiently with hot water temperatures, and is therefore an ideal media for shower water filters.

Crystalline Quartz

Crystalline Quartz is added to some shower water filters to maximize lathering for a more "energy-enhanced feel."

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Shower Filter Brands/Types

Here are some of the most popular water filters we carry, grouped by brand or type:

Sprite Shower Filters

Sprite is a popular leader in the shower filter industry, having been in business for over 30 years. This company features the largest variety of shower water filters to compliment your individual needs and style. All Sprite shower filters feature a combination of KDF and Chlorgon filter media for the effective reduction of chlorine. Sprite filter replacement cartridges are reversible and may be turned after six months for an extended, year-long filter life.

Sprite Cascade Filtered Shower heads

Sprite Cascade Shower Head Filters

These come in two styles, contemporary and traditional. Eight spray massage settings make for a refreshing and relaxing shower.  These shower heads may use the Sprite ARC filter replacement cartridge or the Sprite SLC Slimline shower filter cartridge for longer filter life.

Sprite Slim line 2 Shower Filter

Sprite Slim line shower filter

This filter comes in three color options: white, chrome, and white & chrome. Though it accommodates any standard shower head, it may be ordered with a specially-designed massage head.

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Sprite Baby Shower

Sprite Baby Shower
The Sprite Baby Shower uses a special adapter to attach to the kitchen sink faucet, making it the ideal way to bathe your infant in clean filtered water that will leave him or her with smooth, soft skin. Later, it can also be moved to any existing shower arm with the enclosed bracket.

Sprite High Output Filters

Sprite High Output Shower Filters

Sprite manufactures a variety of high output filters, including the Sprite HO-WH-M with water-saving massage head, and the Sprite HOB shower filters in several different color finishes: brushed nickel, polished brass, chrome and oil rubbed bronze.

Sprite Royale Filtered Shower Handle

Sprite Royale Filtered Shower Handle

This shower handle with built-in filter features five adjustable spray settings.

Sprite Shower Falls Multi-Position Filter

Sprite Shower Falls Multi-Position Filter

The Sprite Shower Falls Filter is one of the highest quality shower filters on the market, featuring a beautiful chrome finish. It's easy to install and perfect for taller men or women.

Sprite Bath Ball Faucet Filters

Sprite Bath Ball Faucet Filters

The Sprite bath ball faucet filters come in three colors - white, chrome and trasnparent blue. These utilize a universal harness that attaches to your bath faucet, in order to reduce the amount of chlorine in your bath water.

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FiltersFast carries the following AquaPure shower filters:

AquaPure Low Profile Shower Filter

AquaPure Low Profile Shower Filter

This filter installs onto your existing shower head, extending it no more than 1.5 inches. The cartridge should be changed every six months for optimum performance.

AquaPure High Output Shower Filter

AquaPure High Output Shower Filter

This shower filter is one of the most durable in the AquaPure category, with a longer filter life of one year.

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AquaPure Handheld Shower Filter Attachment 

AquaPure Handheld Shower Filter Attachment

This filter attachment is meant for use with your existing handheld shower head. The housing is available in two colors - polished chrome and polished gold tone. The filter should be replaced every three months for optimum performance.

AquaPure Handheld Shower Filtration System

AquaPure Handheld Shower Filter

The AquaPure handheld shower filter system is white with chrome trim and features a 5-way adjustable spray, a triple-plated metal trim finish and a reinforced nylon hose. The filter cartridge should be changed every three months for optimum performance.

AquaPure 5-way Shower Head and Filter

AquaPure 5-way Showerhead Filter

This combination showerhead/filter offers five adjustable spray settings, with a high flow and large capacity filter cartridge. The filter should be replaced every six months for optiumum performance.

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Rainshow'r filters feature crystalline quartz technology to enhance suds and lather. The following shower filters will install easily onto any existing shower head or arm:

Rainshow'r New Century Shower Filter

Rainshow'r New Century Shower Filter

For best results, use with the Rainshow'r Bernoulli Power Shower Head. This filter should be changed every 12 to 15 months.

Rainshow'r Chlorine Shower Filter 

Rainshow'r Chlorine Shower Filter

This filter may be purchased with Massage Head.

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Rainshow'r Dechlorinating Shower Filters

Rainshow'r Dechlorinating Shower Filter

These filters typically use the Rainshow'r RCCQ Replacement Filter Cartridge, which lasts about six to seven months

Rainshow'r Crystal Ball Bath Dechlorinator

Rainshow'r Ball Bath Dechlorinator

This bath dechlorinator circulates in your bath water to reduce chlorine.

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These Culligan shower water filters install on any standard shower arm.

Culligan RainDisc Rain Showerhead Filter

Culligan RainDisc Shower Filter

This shower head filter provides better diffusion of water to allow for a more gentle, thorough cleansing. For greater adjustment for height and different water angles, you may want to add this compatible accessory to your purchase: the Culligan RainDisc Hi-Lo Adjustable Showerhead Arm.

Culligan Shower Head Filter with Massage and Culligan Hand Held Shower Filter with Massage

Culligan massage shower filter

These shower filters feature a chrome finish, 5 spray settings, and rubber spray nozzles equipped with anti-clog mechanisms.

Culligan Inline Shower Filter

Culligan Inline Shower Water Filter

This shower filter comes in two color finishes - white plastic and polished chrome. Showerhead is not included.

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