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Snow Facts and Activities

Snow is made up of ice crystals in the form of complex hexagons. Snow forms when water vapor skips the liquid stage and is turned directly into ice; a process called deposition.

  • Snow Crystals -Find out the reason why snowflakes look the way they do.
  • Grow a Crystal- See how temperature plays a part in the shape and size of snowflakes.
  • Snowflake Chart- A print out for younger students with the names and photos of the different classes of snow crystals.
  • Snow Flake Photos-See the complex beauty of a snowflake in breathtaking close up photos.

Surprising Snow Facts:

  • Snow and Ice cover only about 12% of the entire earth's surface.
  • Nearly 80% of the worlds fresh water supply is in snow or ice form.
  • In a single snowstorm, 40 million tons of snow can fall. That carries the energy equivalent to over 100 atom bombs.
  • There is actually no law of nature that stops two snowflakes from being identical.
  • Mt. Shasta California has a record for most snow produced by a single storm. In February of 1959, 15.75 feet fell during a storm that lasted 7 days.
  • In an average year 105 snowstorms affect the US and they typically last two to five days.
  • Many homes in snowy regions actually have heaters built onto the roof to melt the snow. Heavy snow build up can cause damage to a home and even be deadly to people underneath it.

Snow Activities:

  • Examining Snowflakes- Do this fun experiment on a snow day and see what results you come up with!
  • Snow Activities for Preschoolers- Lots of creative and fun ideas for children to get out and about on those gloomy snow days.
  • Snowflake Crafts- Make jumbo crystal snowflakes to decorate your home using borax.
  • Paper Snowflakes-Find patters for all types of paper snowflakes, fun coloring suggestions as well.
  • Snow Globe- Make your own snow globe in 5 easy steps!
  • Snow Ice Cream- A fun and easy recipe for kids with the main ingredient being snow!

Children's Snow Book, Famous Poems and Quotes:

  • The Snowy Day- The tale of a boy named Peter who discovers the fun of his first snowstorm.
  • Snowballs - A great book that contains a variety of snow people and animals that can be made using snowballs or household objects.
  • Snow Crazy- A beautiful picture book about a little girl who is awaiting snow. The book tells about all the fun activates she accomplishes on her snow day such as making hot chocolate, paper snowflakes, going sledding and making snow angels.
  • "Come night; come, Romeo; come, thou day in night; For thou wilt lie upon the wings of night Whiter than new snow upon a raven's back." - William Shakespeare
  • "Where's the snow that fell the year that's fled--where's the snow?"-Samuel Lover
  • "Don't complain about the snow on your neighbor's roof when your own doorstep is unclean."- Confucius

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