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Water Chemistry

Water is a part of our everyday life. Life as we know it could not exist without water and although it may seem to be a simple substance made up of just one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms its complexity lies in its size and properties.

Studies on the structure of water

Water is made unique by its variety of anomalous properties. These properties change the behavior of liquid water in a way no other liquid molecule can act. Water in its frozen and gas form also acts differently when compared to other solid and gaseous molecules.

  • Water Anomalies - Phase diagram and explanation of phase anomalies of water.

Hydrogen bonding occurs when a hydrogen atom attaches to two atoms instead of just one. This can happen when partially positive hydrogen atoms lie between partially negative charged atoms of nitrogen and oxygen.

Water Ionization

When a hydrogen atom splits from a water molecule it has a positive charge that attracts to negative charged hydrogen and oxygen atoms. When this happens water can end up having a higher concentration of hydrogen ions than normal water making it ionized. When water has this higher concentration of positive ions it is called acidic. Alkaline water would be Ionized water with a higher count of hydrogen-oxygen pairs. Some believe that ionized water is beneficial to the body by helping to rid it of free radicals others believe its a huge money making scam.

  • Ionized and alkaline water- A chemist tells why he believes claims of ionized water is worthless and why no one should buy into expensive machines and ionization products.

Water Hydration Resources

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