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Want to know what the EPA standards are for drinking water? Curious to find out just how much pollution the goverment will allow us to consume? Want to find out what’s in the water where you live? Here are some interesting and informative links concerning water standards and contamination.

3 thoughts on “Informative Links

  1. I’ve had a Kenmore Coldspot for 7+ years and change the water filter promptly. I have algae in the water dispensed from door (that began very recently) I checked the line coming out of the filter and it is clear. Is there a water holding tank in the back of the refrigerator? Is there any way to clear the algae out?

  2. We use a natural spring for our primary water source in our home. We recently bought a whole house filtrations system, a water softner, carbon filter and a uv light to clean up the water and take harmful bacteria out. How effective is a UV light filter as opposed to reverse osmosis filter?

  3. bought a house with a 7 filter system…only label says springhouse and ecotech….what is this? where do i get replacement cartridges for it….does it also have to have a water softener inline with it? what is the electric plug on one of the cartridges do??

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