Bad Rust Problem

I have a bad rust problem will my well water,I understand that there is a magnetic system that will remove the rust and it also back flushes itself and is set on a timer to do this

We do not recommend any type of magnetic system as it may remove some rust but can’t be very effective. The best solution for rust and sediment is a whole house water filter system with a high micron level sediment filter. Whole house water filter systems are affordable and can be purchased for the size home that you have. If you have 1-2 bathrooms, you can use a small standard size system, 3-4 and you might want to use the standard large size system and if you use a lot of water, you will want to look at the 10″ whole house water filter systems. You can view a full list of whole house systems with detailed specs on Filters Fast whole house water systems link. Please let us know if you need any further assistance in selecting the correct system and filter for your needs.

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  1. The sulphur smell is harmless, but not pleasant. The best way to deal with it is aeration. We do not currently carry any aeration systems, but do recommend them. Carbon filters can also remove some of the sulphur smell, but if it is strong, you will be better off going with a water softener / aerator.

  2. HI…
    recently purchased a 115 yr. old farm house upstate New York with a privately bored well @ 100′ depth…had the water tested and came back very good, though slightly high in iron and we also experience regular sulfur/rotten egg smell almost every water draw and shower.we had a Culligan rep. come out for a free estimate on filtering…well I’ll deal with the water filtering elsewhere.They are/were way too expensive.
    please advise…

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