I have an Amana Model #DRS2660BC. Do you know if there is a filter that removes flouride that will fit my fridge?

There is no refrigerator water filter available that will remove flouride. The most common filtration system for flouride removal is a reverse osmosis water filter system. We do have a reverse osmosis system for review. It is the APRO5500.

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  1. Hey Steve (and others),
    I wasn’t with Filters Fast when this entry was initially posted, so I cannot say that a resolution was ever reached when we were looking to add the line earlier.
    I have, however, put an e-mail out to Waterboss and hope to hear back soon. It is strange that they don’t advertise their replacement undersink filters on their Web site. Even when you check the suggested retailers, none carry the filters — only water softening products.
    Is anyone able to measure one or both of these filters? Most undersink filters follow a sort of industry standard. There are 10″ small filters, 10″ large filters, 20″ small filters, and 20″ large filters. The difference between small and large is the width.
    Thanks, and I’ll keep in touch,

  2. I also have the Waterboss under-sink system that uses the MP1 & MP2 filters. In the past I’ve been able to call Waterboss diresctly at 1-800-437-8993 or 1-800-489-2677, and have ordered the filters directly from them. I’m in need of filters again and will be trying to order directly once again. These replacement filters are definitely not easy to find in stores, at least that has been my experience. If anyone finds a better source please let me know. If I recall correctly it was about $50 to get the 2 filters directly from Waterboss the last time I ordered them.

  3. Same problem posted by Mitch Hall 8/29/06 Have a Waterboss MP undersink water filtration system and am trying to find the MP1 and MP2 filters. Please advise

  4. I have a Waterboss MP undersink 2 stage water filter and am unable to find replacement cartridges (“MP-1” & “MP-2”)for it. The “Universal”filters are the right diameter, but too long, and the current filters each have a nipple w/ o-ring on one end and a cap on the other.
    The Waterboss web site does not show undersink cartridge filters, only softeners, and they haven’t responded to my emails.
    Any ideas on where these might be found?

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