Charlotte Receives Award for Safe Drinking Water

We just wanted to share this news: the Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities Department was recently awarded the 2009 EPA Region IV Safe Drinking Water Act Excellence Award. This announcement is significant for us, because our offices are located in Monroe, North Carolina, just minutes outside the Mecklenburg County line. It’s great to know that our very own city is being recognized for its consistency in providing excellent drinking water treatment and safe delivery to local residents.  But if you think this gets you out of needing to buy a water filter, think again…

Most municipal water treatment plants use chlorine to disinfect water, and this often produces toxic byproducts that can be harmful to the body in large quantities while negatively affecting the taste and odor of your tap water.  We’re sure that Charlotte is no exception to this widely-accepted policy. A water filter can help reduce or eliminate these toxins, leaving you with fresh, great-tasting, odorless water. Faucet water filters, pitcher filters, and refrigerator water filters are great for this purpose. Since showering with chlorinated water can dry out your skin and lead to upper respiratory problems, it’s a good idea to invest in a shower water filter as well.

Please visit our forum to ask any questions you may have about ways to improve the water quality in your home.

Brita, Bottled, or ‘Blessed’

South Korean professor Kim is charged with fraud after inventing a device that he claimed could turn regular tap water into blessed “holy water,” which replicates the healing powers of the holy water located at the Catholic Virgin Mary shrine at Lourdes, in France. Kim’s scientific method involves turning the medical properties of the real holy water into digital signals and transferring these signals onto any tap water via his device which features ceramic and paper filters and plastic cords.

Kim sold around 5,000 of these devices to people in Seoul, Korea with various ailments, and made about $1.3 million before his victims went to the police and turned him in for fraud. (That’s $260 per machine.)

I don’t know what’s worse: Professor Kim’s fake device, or using bottled water for Baptism.

Alternatively, if you want clean tap water, you could always invest in a Brita water  filter. It won’t bring healing powers to your water, but it will filter out the stuff that may have caused some of the ailments suffered by Kim’s victims. After this experience, however, Seoul residents will probably be reluctant to purchase anything that claims to purify tap water for a long time.