Filterpure Distributes Clay Pot Water Filters to Developing Nations

Led by Dr. Richard Wukich, Filterpure brings clean water to developing nations through the manufacturing and distribution of clay pot water filters. These filters are comprised of colloidal silver layered between a 1:1 mixture of clay and sawdust. As water flows through the cracks and crevices in the pot, it passes by the particles of silver which kill bacteria and viruses. (The antimicrobial properties of silver are similar to the benefits of oregano, which we discussed in an earlier post.) The pot sits inside of a large bucket with a spigot at the bottom that allows the water to be easily emptied into containers for drinking. These water filters can clean up to 2.5 liters of water per hour and cost as little as $15 to make. The water comes out 99 percent clean and 100 percent drinkable, and the filter life is at least five years.

Immediately after the earthquake in January, Filterpure was in Haiti distributing filters to victims of the natural disaster. Currently, the water filters are being used in hospitals and temporary tent villages in Haiti, and around the world in developing countries like Sudan, Honduras and Afghanistan, providing clean water to those who did not previously have access to it. Recently, Filterpure partnered with Global Effect and Wine to Water to install a factory in Haiti. The organization not only distributes the filters to developing nations, but also provides the tools and educational resources for local residents to maintain sustainable, affordable safe water, sanitation and hygiene practices long-term.

Filterpure is just one of many water charities around the world.

16 thoughts on “Filterpure Distributes Clay Pot Water Filters to Developing Nations

  1. Hi Sam, unfortunately, the clay pot water filters are not readily available in the US at this time.

  2. I have just finished reading Wine to Water and it is a wonderful book and organization. It has made me realize that if we were to have a national disaster, such as an electromagnetic pulse, where we are not able to obtain fresh water this filter could be a life saver. I am very interested in obtaining one. Can you help.

  3. I live in capitola, CA. I can’t find any filters like this here. is there a place i can find these filter sytems for sale?
    I think this is a wonderful acomplishment for human kind.

  4. Hello Diana,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment on this post. This particular type of filter is not distributed in the U.S., but here is the website for Filterpure They work with the organization (Wine to Water) that we partner with for The W3 Project in Haiti. We cannot honestly advise on how to replicate such a filter, but if you would like to reach out to Filterpure to see how you can start a science project for your school, they will probably be able to give you sound and practical advice. All the best with your project.

  5. I saw this and was so fascinated . I f these filters are not for sell how can one get them? I am thinking of starting a school project where what is filtered by local village schools in Uganda or by women in these villages. Most of the illnesses come from unclean water. So how can i start this kind of project???
    Diana Semwogerere

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