Thirsty? There’s an App for That.

iPhone users no longer have an excuse to buy bottled water. A new iPhone application called “Oasis Places,” created by Thermos, allows users to track locations, ratings, and photos of water fountains across the U.S. The best part? It’s FREEĀ  (unlike expensive plastic bottled water.)

Proponents of plastic bottled water argue that it is the most convenient source of water while on the go; however, this application makes it easy for travelers to do away with plastic bottles, in favor of reusable stainless bottles that can be refilled at any of these various fountains. What’s more, registered users of the iPhone app can add new fountains, comments and pictures, and can rate the water on several criteria, including coldness, location, cleanliness and flavor.

Thermos is sponsoring random giveaways of hydration bottles to registered users in the months of August and September to celebrate the launch of “Oasis Places.” Using these bottles in lieu of plastic disposables will cut down on bottled water waste significantly. The app is now available for free download on iTunes.

4 thoughts on “Thirsty? There’s an App for That.

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  4. Thanks Selwa. Haven’t tried this one, but will give it a go. Tapit was, I believe the pioneer in this space. Unfortunately last time I checked there were zero watering holes in Los Angeles where I live.

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