What Will You Do With the $250 Facebook Giveaway Prize?

The Facebook giveaways are drawing to a close, but before they end, we want to hear from all of our Facebook fans:

What will you do with the $250 Visa gift card grand prize? (That is, if you win…)

We have launched a new poll (to the right) where you may cast your vote. The options are:

1. Pay your water bill.

2. Buy a new water filter system (from Filters Fast, of course!)

3. Buy an air purifier

4. Give it away to a water charity

5. Other

Of course you don’t have to do any of these things. These are just our suggestions. We have included “other” as an option, in case you have a better idea. All we ask is that if you choose “other”, please specify what you will do in a comment on our Facebook page. We have also given you the option to choose more than one answer – in hopes that your water bill is significantly less than $250 (as it should be, if you’re doing your part to conserve and take care of our planet!)

If you have read this far and have no idea what we’re talking about, click here to see how you can enter to win $250 and more with Filters Fast!

Happy polling!

13 thoughts on “What Will You Do With the $250 Facebook Giveaway Prize?

  1. I would purchase a air purifier. We have 3 dogs and 3 kids, and our house can get dusty at times. I think it would be good for the overall health of the “house”.

  2. I would pay off my tuition for this semester I only owe another $200 so that would be awesome, and then I would fill up my gas tank, and get some groceries with coupons to stretch my money :)

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