Tell Daniel Tosh to Drop Bottled Water from the Toshtini!

Daniel Tosh, the edgy comedian and host of Comedy Central’s video clip show Tosh.0, has become such a celebrity that he now has his own signature drink, the Toshtini. Here is how you make Daniel Tosh’s Toshtini:

1. Pour half a bottle of expensive bottled water down the drain.

2. Fill the half-empty bottle up with tap water and shake it up.

3. Pour the water into a martini glass and serve at room temperature with a garnish of limon, “the active ingredient in Sprite.”

I didn’t think it was possible for bottled water to be even more wasteful, but I think Daniel Tosh has come up with a way. While we appreciate that tap water makes up half of the Toshtini, we want Daniel Tosh to revise the Toshtini recipe. That’s right, we’re calling for an all-tap Toshtini!

If you want Daniel Tosh to drop bottled water from his Toshtini, let him know on the Tosh.0 Facebook page or via Twitter (@DanielTosh) with the following message: “@FiltersFast and I want @DanielTosh to drop bottled water from the Toshtini! #alltapToshtini”

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Drink Pink! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Brita Pink Pitcher for Breast Cancer AwarenessYou can “Drink Pink!” during Breast Cancer Awareness Month with this Brita Pink Water Pitcher. In 2010, Brita will make a $50,000 donation to City of Hope to support breast cancer research, treatment and education. Brita has made the same donation for the last two years.

Brita pitchers are BPA free water pitchers. Like most filter water pitchers, Brita pitchers will reduce the taste and odor of chlorine. The Brita pink pitcher (pictured on left) also reduces sediment, dirt, rust, benzene, copper, cadmium, lead, mercury,  toluene and tetrachloreethylene. The pitcher is certified to NSF / ANSI Standard No. 42 for the reduction of chlorine as well as zinc.

Note: This product has been discontinued. We suggest the KOR Pink Water Bottle instead. It is a reusable water bottle with several innovative features such as the  KOR Perfect Sprout that features a thread less design that large enough to insert ice cubes, but small enough to minimize splashing. Order your here at KOR Water Bottle.

Maybe you want to “Drink Pink” on the go? You can carry your filtered water with you with our pink Klean Kanteen bottle or pink Vapur water bottle.

If pink’s not your thing, we do carry many other Brita water pitchers and reusable water bottles.

Please note that even though Brita made a donation to City of Hope, the proceeds from this pitcher do not support breast cancer research but instead support breast cancer awareness.