Update: Oasis Places iPhone App

Oasis Places for iPhoneWe just wanted to post a quick update on the status of the OasisPlaces iPhone App. Two days ago, we wrote about WeTap – an upcoming Android App that maps water fountains. In that post, I mentioned the OasisPlaces app – another application that maps water fountains – for the iPhone. I had tried to find the app on my iPhone that morning but didn’t see it in the App Store, and wrongly assumed that iPhone users would not have access to this sort of feature until WeTap expanded its reach to other mobile devices.

A representative from Thermos came across that post and saw fit to contact us with an update on the status of OasisPlaces. I received the following e-mail today:

Hello Selwa,

I hope all is well. I represent Thermos and saw your post today about not being able to find the OasisPlaces water fountain finder app they launched last year:

I wanted to let you know that OasisPlaces is only down from iTunes temporarily for some app upgrades, and will be reposted to iTunes very shortly. I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s back up and running, as we have some exciting things planned for this summer.

Let me know if you have any questions!



So, as you can see, Android phones are not the only devices that will enable you to locate the nearest water fountain. iPhone users, don’t forget your reusable water bottles when you leave the house!