New Jersey American Water Announces Tap for Tap Contest Winners

New Jersey American Water recently announced the winners of its “Tap For Tap” contest, in which New Jersey K-8 students wrote and performed original songs proclaiming the greatness of tap water. The entries in the contest were judged by how well the song lyrics and dance routien extolled the benefits of tap water.

You can see these videos and more at New Jersey American Water’s Youtube Channel.

Conover Primary School

The students at Conover Primary School choreographed a dance routine that allowed the whole class to participate, with individual students coming up to deliver their own lyrics in between the chorus of “Tap water — T.A.P.!”.

Madison Elementary

The students at Madison Elementary rapped about how “Water to drink, drink, drink, helps the brain think, think, think.”

Jefferson School

The fifth-graders at Jefferson School sang “Tap water is good for your body, tap water gives me energy, tap water is good for your body, so drink some tap water for me” to the tune of “My bonnie lies over the ocean.”