Win a Hand-Held Baby Shower Filter in Our Cutest Baby Contest

Baby Photo Contest

Fellow content writer Daniel's three-month-old son.

Parents, do you have a cute baby photo? Of course you do! Post a cute baby photo on the Filters Fast Facebook page-if your baby photo gets the most “likes”, you will win a Sprite hand-held Baby Shower filter.

To enter into the contest, just “like” our Facebook page and post a photo starting today Wednesday, June 15. Soon, we’ll move all of your photos into a separate album and allow people to vote on your photos by “liking” them. The voting will end at 3 p.m. on Thursday, June 30, when we’ll announce the winner of the Sprite hand-held Baby Shower filter.  It probably goes without saying, but the baby must actually be yours to qualify. If it’s easier, you can also e-mail photos to

Keep in mind that your friends must “like” the Filters Fast Facebook page in order to vote. If you they do not “like” the page, then they

As any parent knows giving your child a bath can be a difficult thing. With the Sprite hand-held Baby Shower filter, keeping your kids clean is made easier. This product filters out 99% of free chlorine, a cause of dry and cracked skin, leaving your child’s skin feeling very smooth. The Baby Shower also features a small and easy-to-hold handle, can rinse soap and shampoo away from your baby’s eyes, while also filtering out damaging chemicals. This product also features an adaptor that attaches to a kitchen sink faucet or a shower arm.

Garnier Donates $100,000 to Clean Water Charities

Garnier, an acclaimed cosmetics company using natural ingredients in their hair and skincare products is committed to a greener and cleaner future. Garnier asked consumers to vote for the environmental cause they avidly cared about the most. The three causes voted on were Clean Water, Urban Greening, Recycling and Sustainability. The Clean Water category, received 52% of the votes and was the clear winner out of the three causes. The Recycling and Sustainability category received 36% of the votes, while Urban Greening received 12%.

In partnership with EarthShare, Garnier announced that they will donate $100,000 to three deserving charities: American Rivers, Oceana and the Surfrider Foundation. These charities work to protect public health, rivers and marine environments for the benefit of communities, wildlife and nature. Each group plans to put their winnings to work for cleaner and safer water.

Surfrider Foundation will direct the funds toward their water quality-focused programs: Ocean Friendly Gardens, Know Your H2O and Blue Water Task Force. The Ocean Friendly Gardens program educates and assists people in applying conservation, permeability and retention to their landscapes, to revive watersheds and oceans. The Know Your H2O project educates consumers about the link between freshwater management issues and the impact on our oceans. The Blue Water Task Force is a volunteer-run water testing, education and advocacy program for water quality.

Oceana will use Garnier’s donation to support its global ocean protection work. Protecting the pristine waters of southern Patagonia by preventing the expansion of Chile’s aquaculture industry, expanded oil exploration and drilling off the coasts of the U.S., Europe and Belize, are among the projects included.

American Rivers will apply Garnier’s support to protect and restore the nation’s rivers for comunities across America, through various conservation and volunteer programs, including Nation River Cleanup.

These winning Clean Water charities are very good causes. Michelle Ryan, Assistant Vice President of Sustainability at Garnier stated, “This program is just one small way we’re honoring causes within the community that we all care about.”

Which Reusable Water Bottle Should I Buy

Short post comparing the Brita Bottle, Katadyn MyBottle, Water Bobble, Vapur Bottle, FWS bottles and Klean Kanteen Bottles. (Highlight the disadvantages of the Bobble – can’t be frozen, not dishwasher safe.)