Copper and Mercury in your Water? Protect Yourself!

 Do you know what’s in your family’s drinking water?  Asbestos, antimony, copper and even chromium can be found in  in your home’s drinking water. According to the Drinking Water Contaminants Chart produced by the Environmental Protection Agency, there are microorganisms, disinfectants, organic chemicals and even radionuclides found in your primary drinking water. While there are regulations preventing too many contaminants or particles from being in your water, there are ways that you can personally protect both you and your family.

What can be most unnerving about contaminants being in your drinking water is the possibility that it can make you sick. To prevent this, consider using a whole house filtration system. These systems will filter things like sediment, chlorine and cysts not only from your drinking water, but your entire water system.  The Culligan HF-360 is a whole house water filter housing that can be attached to your main water line at the point of entry. The clear housing makes it easy for you to see when to change your filter, and to view all of the contaminants that you are no longer drinking!

Another easy way to filter the water  you drink is to use a water pitcher. Rather than drinking directly from the tap, put your water through a Brita Pitcher to ensure that contaminants are filtered out. If you, like me, are guilty of buying a bottle of water at the store which is harmful not only to the environment, but your wallet as well, consider the Filtrete Water Station. This water station features 4 portable bottles of water that are easy to take with you everywhere.

With the cold, drying winter months just around the corner, you are no doubt feeling the effects of dry, cracked skin. Most people don’t know that much of this can be attributed to contaminants and particulates in the water that you bathe with. To combat this, consider a Sprite Shower Falls shower head filter. This shower head comes in a stylish chrome finish and has a 5-way massaging spray. Beat the need for expensive moisturizers and skin treatments with this stylish shower head.

While there are contaminants and particulates in your water, there are ways to protect yourself and your family. By taking a few simple steps and installing a whole house water filtration system, or purchasing a filtering shower head, you can combat the effects of contaminants in your water.

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