Doc Hendley and The Wine To Water Team Visits

Doc Hendley and Wine To Water Team Visits

Pictured (L-R) Doc Hendley, Founder of Wine To Water; Dee Rubina, Marketing Manager at; Francene Marie Morris, Host of The Francene Marie Show; Kyle Lomax, International Projects Manager for Wine To Water; Kym Moore, Brand Marketing Lead at and Josh Elliott, Public Relations Manager for Wine To Water. (Photo  by Steven Miller, Media Marketing Specialist)

Doc Hendley, founder of Wine To Water and 2009 CNN Heroes Award Winner, along with Kyle Lomax, International Projects Manager and Josh Elliott, Public Relations Manager met with their new partners of the W3 Project for a joint radio broadcast on The Francene Marie Show. Dee Rubina, Marketing Manager and W3 Administrator with also chimed in on the interview to discuss a new benevolent partnership that would help to provide access to clean water to many suffering communities around the world.

Dee Rubina, Kyle Lomax, Doc Hendley, Francene Marie, a locally owned and operated e-commerce business specializing in water and air filtration, recently partnered with Wine To Water, a 501(c)(3) non-profit air organization, based in Boone, North Carolina that focuses on providing clean water to needy people around the world, for the W3 Project.

The W3 partnership also includes TrekDesk Treadmill Desk, which will help to expand the importance of walking, exercising and improving your overall health. The W3 partnership between, TrekDesk and Wine To Water is such a perfect fit because it expands a greater awareness to a larger and more diverse audience locally, nationally and internationally about the global water crisis and walking to improve your exercise routine.

Doc Hendley was also in town for a fundraiser and book signing for the release of his new book “Wine To Water: A Bartender’s Quest to Bring Clean Water to the World.” For more information on how you can get involved with the W3 Project through mile donations or mile sponsorships, go to and learn how you can contribute. “Walk for you. Walk for them.”

World Water Day Kickoff with Indian Trail Elementary School

Today we are celebrating World Water Day. World Water Day is an internationally recognized day that is held annually on March 22 as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. Recommended at the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), the first World Water Day was designated on March 22, 1993. Each year this day highlights a specific aspect of freshwater.

In recognition of World Water Day,, Filters Fast Local Service and the W3 Project is teaming with Indian Trail Elementary School in Indian Trail, North Carolina for a month-long celebration of walking for water. Beginning today and ending on April 22, 2012 which is Earth Day, the 800 member student body at Indian Trail Elementary School is challenged to walk as many miles as they can in this 1-month time-frame and donate the miles they run or walk to the W3 Project. The W3 Project is a partnership that includes, TrekDesk and Wine To Water. Together, the W3 partners are building a community of people who walk in pursuit of health and wellness for everyone. By raising awareness about health and the global water crisis, W3 is giving everyone the ability to either “Donate” or “Sponsor” miles in which 100% of all proceeds go to Wine To Water.

This video was especially produced to educate and increase the awareness about the global water crisis for elementary and middle schools, which is used as a template for other schools who want to implement the same type of event at their school. 3M Filtrete, a leader in home filtration systems is sponsoring up to 3,000 miles of the total miles that the students walk at Indian Trail Elementary for their month long initiative. Thank you 3M Filtrete for becoming an important sponsor for Indian Trail Elementary School that will certainly help the school, community and deliver the message about the importance of filtration while helping others in the United States and abroad obtain access to clean drinking water.

The Water Cycle: From Evaporation to Precipitation

Every day around the world, there is a cycle that is continuously going. It happens all the time, yet most of us aren’t aware of it. It’s the water cycle, also known as the hydrologic cycle and it is very vital to life here on Earth. The water cycle describes the movement of water on, above and below the surface of the Earth. At various stages in the cycle, water can change states from a solid to a liquid and even to a gas. But what exactly are the stages of the water cycle? What do these stages do? 

Generally, there are 10 stages to the water cycle that range from evaporation to precipitation. They are as follows:

  1. Evaporation: This is the change of water from a liquid to a gas. On average, around 47 inches is evaporated into the atmosphere from the ocean each year.
  1. Transpiration: This is the evaporation of liquid water from plants and trees into the Earth’s atmosphere. Nearly all water that enters the roots transpires into the atmosphere.
  2. Sublimation: This is the process where ice and snow (a solid) changes into a gas without moving through the liquid phase.
  3. Condensation: This is the process where water changes back into a liquid. This is when we begin to first see clouds.
  4. Transportation: This is the movement of solid, liquid and gaseous water throughout the atmosphere. Without this movement, all of the water evaporated over the ocean would not precipitate over land.
  5. Precipitation: This is water that falls to the earth. Most precipitation falls as rain but includes snow, sleet, drizzle and hail. On average, about 39 inches of rain, snow and sleet fall each year around the world.
  6. Deposition: This is the reverse of stage 3. Water vapor (a gas) changes into ice (a solid) without going through the liquid phase. This is most often seen on clear and cold nights when frost forms on the ground.
  7. Infiltration: This is the movement of water into the ground from the surface. Percolation is movement of water past the soil going deep into the groundwater.
  8. Surface flow : This is the river, lake, and stream transport of water to the oceans. The water may return to the surface in springs or eventually seep into the oceans.
  9. Plant uptake: This is water taken from the groundwater flow and soil moisture. Only 1% of water that a plant draws up is used by the plant. The remaining 99% is passed back into the atmosphere.

Water is a vital part here on Earth, and on World Water Day this Thursday, let’s not forget the importance of clean drinking water for you and your loved ones. At Filters Fast, we offer a variety of water products to help ensure you of clean drinking water. From the Zero Water Cooler Bottle Filtration System to the Everpure Water Filtration System, Filters Fast knows the importance of clean, drinking water for you and your family.