The perfect glass of Iced Tea in 6 Steps

countertop-systems-iced-teaDrinking tea is as much a ritual as it is delicious. But how do you make that perfect glass of tea? Believe it or not, water is the most crucial part. Many teas have a variety of subtle flavors that can be masked or destroyed by poor water quality that contains heavy concentrations of iron or other impurities. With that in mind, make sure you know the quality of your water beforehand as it will have an impact on your tea. If you know that the quality of your water isn’t too good, try looking at a countertop water filter system:

Take the Doulton HCPS Twin Countertop Water Filter System for example. This is a free standing twin housing counter-top water filtration system that easily connects to your existing kitchen sink faucet. The Doulton Counter Top Filter System has a lever to divert water to the ceramic filter and out the spout. The ceramic filter is self sterilizing, re-cleanable and simple to install. The Doulton UlraCarb Ceramic Filter Candle is sold separately.

Now that you have the water part out of the way, what about the rest of the steps? They’re easy and simple, so follow along and you’ll be brewing your best cup of tea in no time! Remember, preparation steps may vary slightly depending on the tea you are making.

  1. As mentioned earlier, water quality is critical. It is best to start with cold water which retains more oxygen for more flavor. Also, don’t boil the same water over and over, as it will deplete the oxygen.
  2. Begin to boil the water in your teapot or cup.
  3. Use one bag per cup. Pour the boiled water on the tea bag into your teapot or cup and brew for 3-5 minutes. Keep in mind, brew time may vary from tea to tea, so it is best to look at the recommended brewing time for each tea flavor.
  4. Squeeze the bag gently against the side of the teapot or cup with a spoon. Stir once, then gently squeeze again.
  5. Place or set the tea in the refrigerator to allow it to cool down. Two-three hours should be sufficient.
  6. When chilled, it is ready to drink. Just add ice cubes to a tall glass and pour the iced tea into the glass.


There you have it! A perfect glass of iced tea. Remember, water quality is a big part of the taste of tea so be sure you have good water quality before brewing. If you are interested in knowing what your water quality is, try the Complete Home Water Quality Test Kit, which test for over 13 different contaminants in your drinking water. What is your favorite flavor of tea?

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