Want 3M Command Products? We’ve Got You Covered

Endless possibilities abound with 3M Command Products. With hooks, mounting strips, picture hangers and cord clips, these products can be used in a variety of different ways.

3M Command Products are a common organizational and decorating staple for many uses. Need to organize clutter? Buy 3M command Strips! Need help with holiday decorations? No problem. 3M Command Hooks are perfect! You can also use these products to hang clothes, keys and organize cords lying around the home. The uses for these nifty and inexpensive items are limitless. You can use these products in closets, offices, kitchens, kids’ rooms, dorm rooms and baths. Each package of command hooks also contains extra strips, so the hooks can easily be repositioned or reused.

According to Sharon Johnson, Sales Representative for 3M Construction and Home Improvement Marketing:

“Command is the perfect solution when traditional hooks cannot be used.  They leave no damage so there is no repair needed and have the strength to hold what is needed!”

The easy to remove adhesive strips eliminates the damage that nails and screws can do to your walls. They are used to hold inline water filters, as well as brooms, towels, rags and more on your walls without a scratch. These products stick to painted surfaces, varnished or stained wood, tile, glass, painted cinder block, metal, plaster and wallboard. 3M Command products are intended for mostly smooth services and should not be used in cars, on wallpaper or brick.

The curing period to use this product is one hour to allow time for the adhesive on the back to build strong enough adhesion to the surface before using the Command Hooks and the Command Strips. Paint should be completely cured before using these products. This will generally be a 1 week wait before use on freshly painted surfaces. Please refer to your paint can for manufacturers’ cure time. Applying adhesive products to freshly painted surfaces, before the recommended time allowance can cause damage to your wall or surface.  This should not be used in temperatures below 50 degrees.

Whether you are looking for large, medium or mini command hooks, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to check out the video below for more information on these adhesive hooks:

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