Three Questions to Ask before Choosing an Air Filter

Air filtersNow is a perfect opportunity for seasonal home maintenance, such as changing your air filter. This is especially important during the fall season as many allergies begin to worsen. When it comes to buying the correct air filter for your house, there are three questions you should ask.

1.) What size do I need? The most difficult decision is often finding the correct air filter size for your home. When considering this, always keep in mind the difference between nominal filter sizes and actual filter sizes. What is the difference? According to Cartier King, our in-house air filter expert:

“Nominal sizes are used to help identify a filter’s size more conveniently.  The nominal size of a filter is usually rounded to the nearest complete inch.  The actual size of a filter is most often smaller than the nominal size and varies between different manufacturers.  For example, a 20x20x1 Filters Fast MERV 8 filter actually measures 19.56” x 19.56” x .75.  The best way to ensure that your filter will fit is to measure the opening of your unit (or your old filter) before you make your purchase.”

2.) Has my HVAC Unit been maintained properly? Be sure your air and furnace system is well maintained before installing a new filter. A system that has not gone under a regular maintenance schedule will negate any affect a new air filter can have in your home. You should also keep in mind that older systems are not usually designed for higher grade filters. Be sure to check with a professional about which type of filter you should use.

3.) Will this filter help my allergies? Not all air filters are specifically created for removing allergens in the air. If you suffer from severe seasonal allergies, installing a filter designed to remove many indoor allergens will be a wise decision. Consider the Filtrete Ultimate Allergen filter or the Filtrete Micro Allergen Air Filters, which will both effectively reduce many airborne allergens from circulating in your home. 

After carefully considering the answers to these three questions, you are ready to purchase your next air filter. As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact our Customer Service department at 866-438-3458. Click below to view a video for how to properly install an air filter.

How do i install my air filter

National Beach Clean Up Month: Save Our Beaches & Coasts

National Beach Cleanup MonthOver 14 billion pounds of cardboard boxes, tires, bottles, cans, plastic cups and other trash are dumped into the world’s oceans every year. Some of this eventually sinks, and some is eaten by marine life. However, most of this trash floats and is carried by ocean waves and currents to our beaches. This not only distorts the beautiful view we have come to expect at beaches, but also pollutes the environment, causing problems for people and marine life. As this problem worsens, recycling has become more important. We often hear the three R’s of recycling: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, but how much do we really know about it?

Reduce. Reducing waste not only means reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills but also means changes in our daily lifestyles. Reducing consumption, buying less and consuming less electricity are all ways we can reduce in our own lives.

Reuse. This involves extending the usage of most items in our house by either reusing or donating these items. It is important to use reusable products to cut down on the amount of waste we create in the environment. Reusable water bottles, such as Kor and Vapur water bottles, provide a safer and more economic alternative than bottled water, which accounts for 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year.

Recycle. Throwing your can or bottle into the recycling bin instead of the garbage bin goes a long way. Many filters, such as Brita and ZeroWater, offer recycling programs for their filters, which is a great way to cut waste. Read this article from for more information on recycling water filters.

This is National Beach Clean Up Month, so do not let this month pass without making a conscientious effort to step up and do our part in cleaning up the world’s beaches and our environment.

Are You Ready for Fall Allergy Season?

Fall Allergy SeasonThe beginning of fall is a few short days away. For many around the country this is also the start of fall allergy season. Are you prepared? Do you have the necessary items to get the upper hand on your allergies? Here are a few products that will help in the battle against your allergies.

Lennox Whole House HumidifierHumidifiers.  Humidifiers provide moisture and help relieve allergy congestion. Having a humidifier on hand will help you manage your allergy symptoms better. Consider the Lennox Whole House Humidifier to control the issues caused by dry indoor air. This whole house system works with your heating and cooling systems to add moisture into your home. With an 18 gallon per day capacity, this humidifier can be used in homes up to 4,200 square feet.

Honeywell Air Purifier-HEPAAir Purifiers. The main battle against allergies starts with clean indoor air. Indoor allergens cause as many problems for allergy sufferers as outdoor allergens. Having an air purifier that is specifically designed to remove allergens will make this season easier for you to tolerate. The Honeywell HEPA Air Purifier is an allergen remover that reduces 99% of airborne pollutants such as pollen, mold and pet dander. This HEPA air purifier has SurroundSeal Technology that minimizes air leaks to ensure that air passes through the filter.

Miele vacuum Bags and Vacuum FiltersHEPA Vacuum Filters. Despite being an overlooked source of allergens in our home, the cleanliness of our carpet should never be ignored. Be sure to vacuum your carpet regularly with HEPA Vacuum Filters. The Miele Vacuum Bags and Vacuum Filters captures household dust, pollen and other allergens. This bag expands while vacuuming, making it flexible and tear-resistant. There are five vacuum cleaner bags and two Miele FJM replacement vacuum filters included in this package. Click here for a complete list of vacuum cleaner filters, bags and belts we sell.

An air filter is also effective to fight off allergies, as it is often the simplest defense we can use against it. Don’t wait for your allergies to strike first. Be proactive and take steps to prepare for allergy season today.