Black Friday & Cyber Monday Online Blowout Specials

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ZeroWater 8-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher
Everyday Price: $33.74
Limited Time Only: $19.99




Crane-Drop-Cool-Mist Humidifiers






Crane Drop Shaped Humidifiers             10% off the following Vapur Water Bottles:
FREE Demineralization Filter                              Reflex, Runway, Quenchers, Element
Styles (EE-5301, 5301G, 5301P, 53010)                Island Series







3M Filtrete  Air Purifier-FAP00-RS                 3M Filtrete  Air Purifier-FAP02-RS
Everyday Price: $49.99                                    Everyday Price: $146.99
Limited Time Only: $37.49                                Limited Time Only: $110.24





Filtrete Ultra Quiet Air Purifier-FAP01-RS
         Filtrete Office Air Cleaner-OAC50
Everyday Price: $103.99                                      Everyday Price: $89.40

Limited Time Only: $77.99                                   Limited Time Only: $67.05






Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier-FAP03-RS   3M Filtrete Office Air Cleaner-OAC150
Everyday Price: $223.70                                 Everyday Price: $179.87
Limited Time Only: $167.78                            Limited Time Only: $134.90







3M Filtrete Office Air Cleaner-OAC250
Everyday Price: $260.18
Limited Time Only: $195.14

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Automatic Filter Delivery from It’s Easy as 1-2-3!

As a member of the Auto-Delivery program, you already experienced the convenience and savings this service offers. Did you know however, that you can now save even more time and money? We are excited to announce that our Auto Delivery program is more convenient than ever. You are now able to add any other items you need to your upcoming order with the click of a button — extending your discount and saving you more time.

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How to Clean a Refrigerator: 5 Tips for Refrigerator Cleaning

Cleaning your refrigerator can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 5 useful tips for refrigerator cleaning.

  1. Wait until the day before grocery day as this is when there is the least amount of items that need to be moved around. This is a great time to check your inventory before making the shopping trip to see if you really need what is on your list. Also, be sure to shut off your refrigerator before starting the cleanup process.
  2. Place removable parts in the sink such as racks, shelves and drawers and submerge in warm water and baking soda. While these pieces soak, take a cleaning rag (or toothbrush) with cleansing powder to brackets, gaskets and other hard-to-reach areas. Thoroughly dry all pieces to discourage unwelcome microbial guests.
  3. Check your refrigerator filters during the cleanup process to see if it is time for them to be replaced. Both your refrigerator water filter and refrigerator air filter should generally be replaced every six months. Check your refrigerator model to see which refrigerator filters are compatible for your brand and browse through our assortment of refrigerator water filters and refrigerator air filters to make your purchase.
  4. Organize the contents of your refrigerator to make them more accessible and visible. Food that is easily seen and reached is less likely to be overlooked and turn into a future source of odors. Speaking of odors…
  5. Think ahead and take preventative action against future odors by using the Whirlpool Refrigerator Deodorizer. Eliminating odors is only one of its benefits, as it will also keep your food fresher for a longer period of time. Also, consider purchasing the Whirlpool Freezer Deodorizer and don’t forget to take time to go through your freezer and discard any old or expired food as well.

Clean the exterior of your refrigerator with whatever is appropriate for your refrigerators surface, which will vary depending on the color and finish you have.