The Risks of Heavy Metal Toxicity from water on your Health


Every day, you could be putting your health at risk without knowing it. Heavy Metals are trace metals with a density that is 5 times greater than water; meaning that it cannot be metabolized by the body. Recent studies show that we become more susceptible to the effects of heavy metals as we age. The most common heavy metals are mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium and aluminum. Overexposure to these toxins leads to chronic diseases, learning disorders, dementia and premature aging.

One of the most common ways these metals find their way into our bodies is through tap water. According to Alex Hertzog, our in-house certified water expert:

“Many of the pipes that lead from treatment plants to your home commonly become corroded, introducing metals to your water. A point of use filtration system is recommended for producing the highest quality of water at a fraction of the price of bottled water.”

Although public water systems are treated for various water contaminants before entering your home, many of these harmful toxins (such as aluminum) still slip through. Aluminum in water, and many other heavy metals leads to serious water health risks. This makes water filtration pivotal in keeping these contaminants from adversely affecting the health of you and your family.






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Heavy metals are also consumed through food, the air you breathe and man-made products. To avoid ingesting these metals in your everyday life, practice common food safety procedures, invest in air purifiers and be aware of the chemicals that are used in common household products.

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