Free on the Fourth: Free Shipping for 4th of July Deal

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From July 3-July 8, we are declaring independence from high prices. You guessed it, we’re offering FREE shipping on all orders over $75. From July 3- July 8, take advantage of this limited time offer to get free shipping on items such as refrigerator water filters, reusable water bottles, water pitchers and more!

We’re not done.

Each day we’ll have a Featured Product of the Day where it will be marked down from its original price.

Still not done.

Head over to our Facebook page. Why? We’ve launched our Lucky 6 contest. We’ll be posting an image each day from July 3, 2013- July 8, 2013. Answer the question that each image poses (there are no right or wrong answers, so don’t let that deter you), and you will be automatically entered to win ( ). The more questions you answer, the more entries you’ll have. For example, if you only answer the question posted Wednesday (July 3, 2013) you will only have one entry. However, if you answer the questions posted each day through July 8th you’ll have a total of 6 chances. That’s a greater chance at winning! On Tuesday July 9, 2013 we will announce the 6 Lucky winners! Find more details here!

As you can tell, we’re celebrating our nation’s independence in a BIG way. Take advantage of all the fun and remember the FREE shipping on all orders over $75 lasts from July 3, 2013- July 8, 2013!

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