Freebie Fridays – Weekly Prize Giveaways


Win this great Vapur Water Bottle!!

Freebie Fridays is when any fan of our Facebook page can win a great, free, prize!

Winners will be chosen at random but to increase your chances of being chosen, there are a few things to consider:

We have more than 12,000 members in the Facebook Family, so how can you stand out to increase your chance of winning?

  • Interact/engage with us throughout the week. We post daily. So LIKE, Share, and Comment.
  • Follow us on Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ for extra consideration as well


Keep in mind:

  • You must LIKE our Facebook page to be considered. Interacting with us through the week gives extra consideration for winning so don’t be shy and express yourself!
  • If you are chosen as a winner, you will not be eligible for another free giveaway for 1 month.
  • Winner will be announced on Fridays at 3:00 PM EST.
  • Winner will have 1 week to email with name and complete mailing address so their prize can be shipped out.
  • Please include both your real name and your Facebook name (if they are different) if chosen as the winner to help prevent any confusion.
  • Do not send over any personal information (mailing address, phone number, etc.) unless you are the chosen winner.


Check our Facebook page often for trivia, teasers, and other great content that will be posted daily. Remember, interacting with this content will increase your chances of winning. Winners will be announced Fridays at 3:00 PM EST.

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24 thoughts on “ Freebie Fridays – Weekly Prize Giveaways

  1. We just received our first order and were very pleased with the fast shipping a high quality of the filters. Thanks

  2. I have been a customer for a while and I appreciate the quick turn-around time on my filter orders and the very competitive prices on my custom size HVAC filters.

  3. I have ordered in the past from you and was very happy with the quick shipping and great service. Customer service is the way I judge a company. Thank you.

  4. For some reason my order didnt go thru, and when I called your customer service was very polite and helpful, taking my order on the spot and assuring me my water filter would arrive within the next day or two.

  5. Love your customer service. I ordered the wrong size filter and as soon as I realized I called customer service. The lady cancelled my order, placed the new one and credited my card right then. All was well and received my filter in less than 4 days. Thanks ya’ll

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