The Water Guardian

Game ContestOur water supply is littered with contaminants that harm our health in adverse ways. We use water filters, water purification tablets, etc., to fight them off but it seems like the battle is never ending. Don’t you wish you could take out your frustrations against these contaminants? Now you can. Join the Water Guardian in his quest to rid the water supply of contaminants such as cryptosporidium, bacteria and Giardia. The game is simple and fun to play. To sweeten the deal, we’re giving away a prize to the person who can beat the game in the fastest amount of time. Want more details? See below.

To participate:

1. Be a fan of one of our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube) or a subscriber to our free Newsletter. Not a fan or a subscriber? Connect with us now!

2. Play the Water Guardian and beat the game by eliminating the water supply of contaminants.

3. Create a FREE account so your  time will be logged to the leader board. This process is simple, FREE and will not infringe on your privacy in any way.

4. The contest begins Friday September 7, 2012 and ends Friday September 21, 2012 Thursday September 27, 2012 at 3:00 PM EST. The winner will be announced Monday September 24, 2012. Friday September 28, 2012. 

5. Whoever beats the game in the fastest time will win a HM Digital Test Meter and a $50 Visa Gift Card.

6. Ties will be determined by a random drawing.


Guidelines (Click the image to enlarge):

Remember, creating an account is FREE and simple, and the contest ends Friday September 21 Thursday September 27 at 3:00 PM EST.  Now that you’re all set, let the games begin! Click the picture below to get started in your quest.

What Is Your MOST Creative Use for 3M Command Products?

We all have our various uses for command products in our homes, so we want to see them. Email a photo of your creative use for command hooks or command strips to and we will pin this photo to our “Most Creative Uses for 3M Command” Pinterest Board. Even more, your creative idea could be featured in our Filtered Files Blog! The three photos with the most repins and Likes combined will win a prize with the first place winner receiving our grand prize! So let’s get those creative juices flowing and happy pinning!

What You Need To Know:

1.)    Only followers of our Pinterest page are allowed to participate, so we strongly encourage you to become a fan of our Pinterest page today.

2.)    Show us your most creative use for 3M Command hooks or 3M Command Strips. It doesn’t matter what it is used for, just as long as it is not explicit or offensive.

3.)    Take a picture of your creation and email your photo to

4.)    Get your friends to repin and Like your photo. The 3 entries with the most combined number of repins and Likes will win the contest, so get the word out!

5.)   The winners will be announced Monday August 27, 2012. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winners will receive fantastic 3M gifts. Stay tuned for the announcements of the prizes!

6.)   All ties will be broken by random drawings.

7.)    Only one submission per person.

8.)    Contest begins Friday August 3, 2012 and ends Friday August 23, 2012 at 3:00PM EST, so get your submissions in and show off your creative side.

9.)    Only those who have not won a contest in the past 60 days will be eligible to win the prize.

The three winning ideas will not only receive cool prizes but will also be spotlighted in our Filtered Files Blog! How cool is that? Remember, the contest begins August 3, 2012 and ends August 23, 2012 at 3:00 PM EST. Get your creative juices flowing and enter your creative idea today!

The HM Digital Facebook Competition– pH Water Testing Meter

Do you have a pool or spa? How often do you test the water in it? Water testing is a crucial aspect when it comes to your water quality. You should test the water in your pool, spa, drinking water, water for pets to drink and other water-related uses. PH meters are used to test your water for contaminants, sediments and other impurities that may be lurking in your water. Once you have tested your water, you will have a better idea of how to treat your water. We understand the importance of water quality. This is why and HM Digital are having a FREE HM Digital PH Meter and a PH buffer give a-way.

All you have to do is answer the following questions in 3 sentences or less.

1.)    Have you tested your water recently?

2.)    What do you use to test your water?

3.)    What did you find in your water?

In order to participate:

  • Go to our Facebook page and click on “events”
  • Once there, click on “The HM Digital Competition”
  • Post your responses to the above questions in the comments section
  • All entries will be entered into a random drawing where the winner will be determined
  • You must be a fan of the Facebook page to be eligible
  • All entries must be submitted by Tuesday July 17 by 3:00PM EST