Is Your Water Bacteria Protected With UV?

Drinking-water-UV-protectedTaste, odor, water hardness and scale buildup are common contaminates found in our drinking water. The ability to safely and effectively treat our water has become a top concern as a result of these issues. Many of us know about water filters, Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems and whole house filters, but have you considered protecting your water with Ultraviolet (UV) light?

Testing has proven this method of water purification to be effective and safe in eliminating viruses, bacteria and protozoa that cause waterborne illness(es). The ability to utilize UV to treat your drinking water gives a reliable option to ensure safety in your drinking water. At we offer the following forms of UV filtration:

SteriPEN-0Emergency-UV-PenWith the recent Hurricane Sandy disaster, many have found themselves without the benefit of clean drinking water. To assist in relief efforts SteriPEN has begun helping those in need of safe drinking water. SteriPEN offers many portable UV purifiers such as the SteriPEN Classic Portable UV pen, the SteriPEN Journey Safe and the SteriPEN Emergency Preparation UV Pen. All SteriPEN products are effective and safe in eliminating more than 99% of bacteria, viruses and protozoa that cause waterborne illness.

UV-Pure-Upstream-SterilizationThe UV Pure-Upstream Water Sterilizer System is the best of its kind. This UV Water Sterilizer purifies drinking water with ultraviolet technology to reduce viruses and bacteria. This industrial sterilizer has a flow rate of 30 gallons per minute and features a 316 stainless steel self-cleaning mechanism. Equipped with a digital display, this UV industrial sterilizer will ensure you of pure water.

Polaris-Ultraviolet-Light-FilterThe Polaris UV 12C is an ultraviolet sterilization system that can be used in the food industry, certain cosmetic processes and more. This UV system has a 12 gallon per minute (GPM) flow rate, 9,000 hours of lamp life and produces little change in water temperature.

UV light is a source to consider for the protection of your drinking water. Visit our website to search for the best UV filtration method for your needs.


Water filter for rotting corpse particles?

Corpse found in water tankThe dead body of an Indonesian maid was found in the rooftop water tank of a residential building in Singapore, a few days ago. A Bangladeshi man has been arrested in connection with the case; he was seen choking her. It is believed that they were in an intimate relationship, and both were seen arguing on the morning her body was found. The case has been classified as a murder by the police, but the exact cause of death has not been determined.

All of those details seem trivial, however, in light of this significance: her corpse may have tainted the drinking water of 700 residents. One resident reported seeing white bubbles in her water while bathing her children. Doctors recommended boiling the water prior to consumption, in order to kill any bacteria or other pathogens present from the corpse, but I’m not sure that I could stomach the thought of drinking water tainted by a dead body, boiled or not.

Incidents like these are few and far between, so I don’t think that a mass manufacture of water filters designed to remove rotting corpse particles would be necessary. (We already have filters that will remove radioactive particles – perhaps they will filter dead body remnants as well…) I’m curious, though, as to what our readers would do in this situation. Boil the water and drink it? Purchase bottled water until the tank is cleaned and sterilized? Buy a Katadyn emergency water filter? Or move out of the building altogether?

With news of more frequent natural disasters, dead bodies found in residential water tanks, and reports of a potential zombie apocalypse from the CDC, now might be a good time to get prepared for the days ahead. We suggest you start by reviewing our post on “How to Survive the Apocalypse with Filters Fast,” as well as our article on Emergency Water Purification.